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Can You Move or Hide Bodies in Shadows of Doubt?

Things may go a little wrong playing Shadows of Doubt, with people catching you in their apartment. So can you move or hide bodies if you need to?

Let’s face it, as a detective in Shadows of Doubt you’re bound to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But what happens then? If you knock someone unconscious, can you hide or move bodies? Here’s the answer.

You can’t move or hide bodies in Shadows of Doubt, all you can do is handcuff them or clear out before they wake up. If you’ve got handcuffs to hand you can handcuff them which will stop them coming after you.

Or, alternatively, you can rifle through the building/room before they wake up. If they do wake up you can knock them out again. However, there’s no way hide or even move the bodies. And throwing them out of the window is out, too.

Why? Because really, you want to avoid being seen. Shadows of Doubt has a focus on sneaking and not getting caught. You’re investigating murders and so on, you’re not trying to rack up a body count.

So, if you do end up with a body in an apartment, cuff them if you can. And if not, grab what you need and get the hell out of there. But you can’t hide or move bodies in Shadows of Doubt.

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