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Can You Watch Video Tapes in Shadows of Doubt?

Shadows of Doubt
Image: ColePowered Games/Fireshine Games

Playing Shadows of Doubt, you will sometimes come across video tapes. But can you actually watch these tapes?

If there’s one thing games have taught us it’s that whenever you come across a tape, it’s either blackmail material or found footage of some supernatural event. So when you find video tapes in Shadows of Doubt you’ll probably want to watch them. But can you?

Unfortunately, you can’t watch video tapes in Shadows of Doubt, they’re just incidental objects. Yes, when we found our first tape we were hoping it would prove to be crucial evidence; the item that cracked the case. This is, after all, a detective game.

But, no, there is absolutely nothing you can do with them. Well, nothing of note, anyway. You can always hurl them at passers-by, you know, if you’re getting bored with pelting people with billiard balls.

Could they become a more important item in the future? It’s possible, given that the game is currently in Early Access, tapes will become more than just another object. Maybe they could be the key to solving a crime. But for now, the answer to can you watch video tapes in Shadows of Doubt is a definite no.

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