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Dredge is Getting a Free Photo Mode and More

Dredge review

Dredge, a fishing game which sees you tangling with some eldritch fishies, is getting a photo mode.

We reviewed (and loved) Dredge when it launched in March. We remarked that it “..completely captures your attention with its intriguing world and simple yet captivating gameplay.” And now, developer Black Salt Games has revealed its road map.

The game is set to get several pieces of free DLC, including a photo mode so you can takes snaps of your Lovecraftian fishing trips. However, rather than just adding a new option to the main menu, there’s a story element involved.

The photo mode will see “.. addition of a new in-game character who’ll help players unlock their camera ability”. You’ll also be able to get tips as to where to go fishing for particular specimens.

However, it’s not arriving quite yet. Photo mode is part of the second free update, arriving some time after May. The first free update, arriving this month will include balance changes and some user friendly interface tweaks.

A third update, set for Q3 2023, will include boat customisation. And, after all that’s done, there’s a paid piece of DLC set for a Q4 launch. This will feature the definitely-not-sinister Ironhaven Corporation who, so far, are namechecked but essentially unseen.

You can read more about the roadmap here, on the PlayStation Blog. And if you’ve not played it, it’s on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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