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Dying Light 2 is Going to Get Scarier According to Developer Techland

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 developer Techland is set to make the parkour-based zombie game scarier, according to a recent interview.

Speaking to TheGamer, Dying Light 2 director Tymon Smektała stated that the next major update, planned for this summer, will “create a tense experience that will make our players ‘shit their pants'”.

We’re definitely curious to see how Techland pulls this off. There’s no sign of any rivalry between the two companies, but Dying Light 2 is up against Dambuster Studios’ Dead Island 2.

What’s especially interesting is that Techland developed the original Dead Island before moving onto Dying Light. Then Dead Island 2 went through three developers, but that’s a strange, strange decade-long story.

How is Techland going to make this scarier? The company has yet to reveal any specifics, though we hope it’s not going the jump scare route. As for us, we’ve got our fingers crossed that it’ll be adding more “regular” zombies.

Sure, the special infected will eat your face but what’s really scary is looking out over a crowd of zombies and not knowing where the hell you can go. Maybe the dead can’t reach you but, parkour or not, everywhere is crawling with the undead. You can run, but run where?

There’s also another piece of paid Dying Light 2 DLC on the way. The previous chunk, Bloody Ties, was okay but not amazing. We’re hoping this next paid DLC drop can knock it out of the park and into a crowd of the dead. Here’s hoping for a pant-browning zombie-filled summer.

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