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Exoprimal Preview: Blast Dinos, Progress the Story

Did you know that Exoprimal has a story? No, we didn’t either until Capcom gave us access to a preview build for a short while. Don’t go getting the idea that the game has a story mode separate to its main multiplayer offerings though: you’ll actually find that it’s all rolled into one. And so, as you dig into its Dino Survival matches, the story will occasionally be pushed along with a slickly-produced cutscene. Even more of a shocker is that the story seems pretty engaging, too.

It all revolves around an AI. Well, AI and dinosaurs. In the year 2040, a catastrophic event has led to humanity being on its knees. Thanks to the development of Exosuits, however, all may not be lost. Finally humanity has a chance to fight back against the dinosaurs that have caused so much destruction and ruin. But you’ll soon discover in Exoprimal that something seems amiss. Are the dinosaurs really that much of a threat, or are you the plaything of an AI gone wrong? We’ll leave that for you to discover.

Frenetic multiplayer fun

In any case, it provides the perfect setup for a multiplayer-focused game where teams of Exofighters face off against hordes of dinosaurs. And then to up the ante, things are given a competitive element, too, with another team to race against. Complete objectives faster than the other team and your efforts will be celebrated. If not, you better improve your performance next time, or you might not be deemed worthy for the fight.

EXOPRIMAL Cutsscene02

Dino Survival is the only mode that Exoprimal seems to have so far, but it appears to be a lot of fun. Dropped onto a humongous map, you’re given a series of objectives to complete. You might have to simply move to a point and cull dinosaurs that appear out of portals, or perhaps defend a beacon from dinosaur attacks for a short while. However, these objectives are made unpredictable by the range of dinosaurs you could find yourself up against. Velociraptors are large in number but pretty easy to put down. A Triceratops, on the other hand, requires much more strategy, putting your teamwork to the test.

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The race is on to complete these objectives so your team can proceed to the final task, and this is where the PvP element is really brought to the forefront. Escorting a mysterious cube to its destination while fighting off waves of dinosaurs is one thing, but as you get closer to your goal and the opposing team is in sight, what do you do? You’ll need to stay close to your cube to keep it moving and defend it, but interfering with the other team by engaging them in combat could be key to turning the tables if you’re currently behind. There are important choices to be made.

Our Exoprimal preview highlight: taking control of dinosaurs

One of our favourite things about Exoprimal so far is actually getting to take control of some of the game’s dinosaurs. Typically, when your team is slipping behind, the AI overseeing the match up will drop a power up, allowing a member to summon a dinosaur and interfere with the opposing team. This is your chance to be in control of a mighty prehistoric creature, such as a Carnotaurus, and absolutely wreak havoc on your opponents. Play your cards right and you can wipe them all out for a short while, putting a dent in their objective completion. But of course, while someone is in control of a dinosaur, they can’t help their team with objectives either.

Exoprimal Hangar_01

Suit me up

With multiple Exosuits to choose from, spread across three classes and each having their own strengths and weaknesses, you time with Exoprimal can be quite different depending on the one you choose. Some allow you to get into the thick of the action, cutting down dinos and other Exofighters alike with with frenzied melee attacks. Others are more focused on defense, allowing you to shield other players while also dealing massive damage if the opportunity arises. And then there are support Exofighters: while they don’t excel in dealing damage, their ability to prop team members up with abilities such as healing can often be pivotal to success.

Chances are you’ll find a few Exosuits that you really gel with, and it’s good to do so. Sometimes it pays to change your Exosuit in the middle of a match, a process which is quick and easy. Your team might be lacking support, for example, and you might decide to step up to the task. Or you might want to focus on defense for an objective, and so multiple members switching to a tank-type Exosuit may be advantageous. Perhaps don’t spread yourself too thin, though; you’ll level up your favourite suits as you play, allowing you to customise them and equip some nifty boosters.

While each Exosuit has its own unique range of abilities, one equippable tool can be selected from a range, allowing players to customise their moveset somewhat. A melee character might like the ranged cannon, for instance, or perhaps the safety of a shield. And as players progress their Exoprimal campaign and level up, they’ll unlock skins that can be used to make their appearance more unique, as well as a range of boosters that provide unique benefits. These can even be upgraded using points that you earn, making you more of a force to be reckoned with over time.


There’s a Neo T-Rex!

You’ll need all the firepower you can get as you progress through the story of Exoprimal, too. As you get further in, the battles you engage in will only grow more fierce, with special Neosaurs eventually being added into the mix. These not only look more fantastical, but also present additional threats. Needless to say, you’ll need every advantage you can get when you come up against something truly formidable such as a Neo Tyrannosaurus. That’s right: Exoprimal has a Neo T-Rex. It’s all good though; the drip-feed of new upgrades, dinosaurs and more just keeps you invested.

All things considered, we can imagine ourselves spending a fair amount of time with Exoprimal. We are actually keen to unravel its story thanks to its likable characters, and it never gets old blasting or slashing hordes of dinosaurs. PvP has proven to be our least favourite element so far, but it’s been announced that players will have a choice to keep things fully PvE instead, which is neat. You don’t have to worry about finding other players either, as bots will fill in any empty spaces on your team. And so, as we get yet closer to the launch of Exoprimal, we find ourselves more eager than ever to throw ourselves into it.

Exoprimal launches 14th July on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC

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