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F1 23

F1 23 Launches This June and Brings Back Braking Point

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The next entry in Codemasters’ F1 game series has been officially announced, and it launches in a matter of weeks.

F1 23 will launch on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC on 16th June. And with its tweaks, updates, new features and the return of a certain story mode, it might just be the best F1 game yet.

That’s right: the Braking Point story mode returns, with a new chapter that once again follows Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler, this time as racing partners. There’ll be twists and turns and dramatic racing action, all enhanced by other tweaks to the game to make everything a little more authentic.

As ever, things like handling and physics are stated to have been improved in F1 23. As a result, it should feel more realistic and be better to play with a controller. New features such as 35% race distance have been added, too, as well as red flags that can dramatically alter the outcome of a race.

Perhaps the biggest new addition to F1 23, however, is F1 World. This new mode hopes to help introduce players to the complex world of F1, and will encompass a range of events such as Time Trial and Grand Prix. As players complete challenges they’ll level up, unlocking car upgrades, liveries and more. The mode will even attempt to drill racing etiquette into players thanks to a safety rating system.

Those wanting to jump into F1 23 three days early on 13th June will be able to do so by pre-ordering the Champions Edition. This also includes time-limited Las Vegas content, a Max Verstappen racewear pack, the Braking Point 2 icons and vanity item pack, four new My Team icons, an XP boost, the F1 World bumper pack, and 18,000 PitCoin. On PlayStation and Xbox platforms, it’ll include dual entitlement as well.

For everyone else, the standard and digital editions of F1 23 will be available on 16th June, with an F1 World starter pack and 5000 PitCoin available for those who pre-order. The reveal trailer can be watched below.

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