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Fairgames Fairgame$

Fairgames – Sorry, Fairgame$ – is a Multiplayer PvP Heist Game

The first game rolled out at tonight’s PlayStation Showcase is one many of us have been waiting for details on for some time. It was Fairgames – stylised as Fairgame$ – which is a competitive PvP heist game. The trailer gave off Watchdogs-meets-Payday vibes, but we wonder how close that is to the actual experience. Digging into the PlayStation Blog announcement, we’ve been able to glean a little more information about Fairgames.

Look, first, can we just say: stop it with all the stylised names, please. For the love of god, we’re not typing “Fairgame$” every time we write about this game. It’s not going to happen. Google be damned, but it’s Fairgames as far as we’re concerned, alright. And the same goes for you too, Metal Gear Solid Triangle.

As daft as its name may be, though, Fairgames caught our attention immediately. Its two-minute long trailer is fast-paced, stylish, packed with cool gadgets and gizmos and characters that 100% would be good friends with Wrench from Watch Dogs 2. The whole trailer gave us serious Watch Dogs vibes, in fact: it has that same slick, stylish, futuristic feel, coated with just as much attitude as you’d expect from a member of Dedsec.

However, it’s not Watch Dogs – but we still expect it to have some things in common. From the trailer, it looks like the characters can make use of various gadgets and gizmos to help their heists. We 100% expect drones and remote control vehicles to be amongst some characters’ arsenals to help them out with their heists.

In Fairgames, you can “break the rules as a modern-day Robin Hood”

In Fairgames’ PlayStation Blog announcement, Haven game studio director Mathieu Leduc says the team had a desire to create a “new type of PvP game with emergent sandbox gameplay”. It’s an experience that’s been designed to “reward creativity […] and delivers surprising stories each and every time you play”. There’s no set story, then: your experience in Fairgames will be very much dictated by you, the player, and the group of people you’re playing with. Whether you can tackle heists alone remains to be seen, but it’s clearly been designed as a group experience.

Leduc also describes the experience of playing Fairgames as allowing players to “break the rules as a modern-day Robin Hood”. Judging by the trailer – which you can watch above – you’ll be making your way into fancy-as-hell homes, taking treasures from the ultra-rich and keeping them for yourself – or using them for good. We assume, anyway: the Robin Hood reference suggests that. But then Leduc also goes onto say players can “fill their pockets like a kid in a candy store”. Perhaps the level of greed you take in Fairgames is completely up to you.

Fairgames Fairgame$

“Forbidden locations around the world”

It sounds like Fairgames will take players around the world, too. This isn’t a story-driven game, and so we imagine there’ll be maps to jump into from a menu. Leduc says players will “trespass forbidden locations around the world”, and so we’re expecting to see some pretty exotic environments pop up.

So far, the trailer or screenshots haven’t given anything away in terms of worldwide locales, so we don’t know what to expect. Will we be breaking into real-world landmarks? Or will the heists take place in a range of fictionalised but fancy environments? That’s something we’ll have to wait to find out more about.

Fairgame$ release date, price and availability

We have very little information about Fairgames. We haven’t even seen any gameplay yet: tonight’s trailer was simply cinematic CGI. We’re guessing it’s still fairly far away, and we feel safe in putting a tentative 2024 release window on this one.

In terms of format availability, Fairgames will be releasing on PS5 and PC. There’s no PS4 version, which is unsurprising considering it’s still a way off releasing. And being from a Sony first party studio, Xbox versions are out of the question too. Being a first party title, we can expect a price somewhere around the $70 region – providing this is a standard release. Being a multiplayer title, it could just as easily carry a lower price but offer in-game purchases.

Of course, we’re just guessing, so take this with a pinch of salt. As soon as Sony and Haven Studios release more information about Fairgames, we’ll share it. Much of it remains a mystery right now, but we’re digging its aesthetic and premise. We’ll reserve further judgment until we’ve seen actual gameplay, though. We’re just keeping our fingers crossed that breaking into a safe isn’t quite like it was in Payday 2. We don’t think we can deal with being stood next to a safe for five minutes while our drill continually jams.

For more information about Fairgames, keep an eye on its official Twitter account. 

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