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The Best Games Like Zelda on PS5

There’s one thing that Nintendo consoles have over any other format, including PS5: you can’t play Zelda on it.

And with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom just landing – and taking critics by storm – it undoubtedly has PS5 owners a little sour. If you don’t own a Switch, sorry. You’ll have to give it a miss. But not all is lost. You might not be able to play actual Zelda games without a Switch, but the PS5 has plenty of excellent games that are very much like Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda series is known for its beautiful, open worlds, its dungeons filled with puzzles, its lovable NPCs, and of course, its fierce boss battles. We’ve trawled through the PS5’s library and found the best games like Zelda. Not every one of these games is identical to Nintendo’s legendary series, of course, but they all have features that remind us heavily of Link’s journey

So, if you’re hankering for some Zelda-like action, read on. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed with any of these.

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This list was originally published in July 2021 and has been periodically updated since.

1. Tunic


No list of the best games like Zelda on PS5 would be complete without Tunic. This gorgeous adventure is clearly inspired by Nintendo’s classic adventure series: heck, its protagonist fox is even dressed up like Link. Played from a top-down perspective, this fantastic (but tough-as-nails) adventure will have you exploring a large world, taking down enemies and solving plenty of puzzles along the way.

It’s not all as bright and happy as its opening forest area makes it look, however. Tunic visits some dark and strange places. It’s much more cryptic than any Zelda game to date, but that just makes you even more inclined to keep playing. Watch out though: its combat is seriously tough – though there are some easy/accessible options in the menu if you need them.

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2. Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Imagine a Zelda game that you have to colour in yourself, and you’re part way to imagining exactly what Chicory is. This top-down adventure sees you exploring a world not unlike that in A Link to the Past. Your character has just become the Wielder – a very important person who wields a magical paintbrush. With it, they can colour in the world around them, bringing joy to its people.

Like Zelda games, you’ll need to solve puzzles in order to get from A to B. Sometimes you’ll need to wait until you’ve got a new upgrade before you can explore a new region of the map, too. There’s no real combat here, but in terms of exploration and puzzle solving, this is one of the best games like Zelda on PS5. Plus, it’s just so darn cute.

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3. Kena: Bridge of Spirits

If Nintendo had a more powerful console, we’d imagine its next Zelda game would look something like Kena: Bridge of Spirits. This gorgeous adventure looks like a Pixar movie – and that’s not being hyperbolic. Playing as the titular Kena, the game has you exploring a beautiful and rich world as you search for spirits to help cross over into the next life.

Along the way, you’ll gather Rot – cute, round little creatures – you can help you solve puzzles and fight against enemies. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is rather combat heavy, and you’ll need to become adept with Kena’s weapons to really succeed. But with its exploration and puzzle solving, it really does feel like a modern Zelda game – and one of the best you can play on PS5.

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4. Darksiders: Warmastered Edition

Darksiders: Warmastered Edition seems like an odd choice when it comes to games like Zelda on PS5. But hear us out. It may be a bit darker, and a bit more violent, but when it comes to gameplay, Darksiders has taken pages straight out of the Zelda handbook.

Its action-RPG gameplay fuses God of War-style combat with Zelda-like dungeons, making for an enjoyable combination. Both aspects are balanced well too, bringing an enjoyable pace to the game. Fans of Zelda games will get the biggest kick out of making their way through the dungeons, however, where puzzles and combat combine into an enthralling experience.

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5. Moonlighter

Moonlighter 5-min

Moonlighter is very much a game of two halves: it’s an action RPG, but it’s also a shop simulator. Both halves of the game have their similarities to Zelda games. When you’re wandering the village, talking to NPCs and browsing other vendors, it’s hard not to imagine yourself in an updated Link to the Past. The art style, at the very least, is certainly reminiscent of that.

But even in the more involved gameplay sections, when you’re out in a dungeon battling foes, there’s an air of Zelda there, too. You’ll fight a range of monsters, swinging your sword in order to gather resources from them (which you can later sell in your shop). Sure, Link might never have been bothered with such busywork, but the combat style will certainly be familiar to you. Moonlighter might not be the most straight-up Zelda-like game on PS5, but it has enough similarities that fans of Nintendo’s series should certainly give it a try. At the very least, you’ll find a new game worth sinking some time into.

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6. Evoland: Legendary Edition

Evoland proudly wears its inspirations on its sleeve – and the clearest of all of those is Zelda. It may have replaced traditional sword-swinging combat with turn-based battles, but in every other way, this is the perfect game like Zelda on PS5. The protagonist here dresses in an all-too-familiar green outfit, occasionally wears a pointed hat and his name is – wait for it – Clink. No, we’re not making it up.

But rather than being a cheap rip-off of Zelda, Evoland is instead a loving tribute to it. It draws players in with its obvious similarities, but instead uses them to tell an original story as well as paying homage to the history of video games. Yes, the over-the-top nods to Zelda are meant to be there, and they’re all part of its charm.

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7. The Swords of Ditto

The Swords of Ditto essentially feels like a roguelike version of A Link to the Past. If Link to the Past had been animated by a team from Cartoon Network, that is. Its top-down presentation instantly makes you think of old-school Zelda games. The same is true for the way you simply want to hang out in its towns. Chatting with all of the villagers and soaking in the beautiful atmosphere is a lot of fun by itself.

Combat is Zelda-inspired too, with you wielding a sword in order to take out foes. And, like Zelda, you’ll need to make your way to a number of dungeons where ferocious bosses wait to attack you. The Swords of Ditto isn’t perfect, but it oozes enough charm to make you want to stay in its folds for some time. And isn’t that the way that any good Zelda-like should make us feel?

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