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Goths, Castles or Both? This Sims 4 Survey Wants Your Opinion

The SIms 4 Survey

Wondering what’s next for The Sims 4? EA and Maxis want your opinion on future content.

Specifically, they want your help to choose between two chunks of possible content. The official The Sims 4 account tweeted out a two-question survey which relates to upcoming The Sims 4 kits.

There are two questions, one relating to Create-a-Sim clothes, the other having to do with Build Kits. The first asks you to choose between goth outfits or some more, brightly coloured clothes. And the second has you picking a medieval or a retro-futuristic aesthetic.

Clearly, “goth” and “medieval” are the correct answers. Sure, we doubt this is going to result in a The Sims Medieval sequel, but we’re definitely up for giving our The Sims 4 home a ye-olde feel. Minus the plague, that is.

Does this guarantee the packs will get made? Not quite. The survey makes it clear this is opinion gathering only. Companies have learnt it’s that hanging creative/branding decisions on a survey is a bad idea. That said, we’re still glad that Pitbull went though with his Alaska trip.

You can offer up your opinion by clicking on the The Sims 4 survey tweet above. There’s no timeline on when these kits will come into being though we have our fingers crossed for sooner, rather than later. And if you’ve not played The Sims 4 yet, the base game is free on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

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