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Guilty Gear Strive 1.27 Patch Notes: Network Fixes, a New Character and More

Guilty Gear Strive’s new 1.27 patch arrives today, bringing with it a DLC character, network tweaks and more.

The new character, Asuka R, might seem like just another DLC fighter but there’s more to his Guilty Gear Strive appearance than that. He’s a long-running series antagonist though his motivations and his alleged crimes are a little muddy. He’s more mysterious than, say M. Bison, and with Guilty Gear Strive patch 1.27 he’s been added to the game.

To play as him, however, you’ll have to purchase him solo or as part of the Season 2 pass. We suspect that Guilty Gear lore-hounds will be the one making a bee-line for this character. Since he’s not been playable in any previous games, even long-time GG players won’t necessarily have an edge.

However, don’t count on him cropping up in any tournaments yet. There’s usually a buffer between the release of a character and the point where he’s considered tournament legal. In part, that’s so that organisers can see whether this particularly character is unfairly overpowered or exploitable in some other way.

So what else does Guilty Gear Strive patch 1.27 address? You can find the full patch notes here, but there are a few tweaks that stand out. In particular, the patch address network issues that could, potentially, have blocked players from joining a lobby.

There were also problems where network connection problems could have a knock on effect with ping skyrocketing. The patch addresses those and, on the whole, should make for a better online experience.

The patch addresses a couple of minor move issues which, while probably not going to lose players a match, still matter given the game’s tournament level status. Though if you just want to punch some anime characters in the face, Guilty Gear Strive is an awful lot of fun to dip into, too.

You can check out our review here and pick it up on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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