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How Many Levels Are in Grindstone?


If, like us, you are utterly obsessed with Capybara Games’ puzzle game, Grindstone, you might be wondering how many levels there are.

An arcade puzzle game about chaining attacks through cute coloured monsters, Grindstone is simple to play but impossible to put down. Once you start playing, getting high chains and moving on to the next level, and the next, becomes addictive in the best possible way. And so, just how many levels are in Grindstone?

We’ve got good news (or bad news, if your productivity has taken a hit). Grindstone has over 500 levels, thanks to multiple updates to the game since it first released back in 2019. On PlayStation and Xbox, where the game has just launched, all of those levels are available from the outset. Developer Capybara Games has promised more updates – meaning more levels – are still to come, too.

Those levels take numerous forms. There’s the main campaign, that sees you go through levels in sequential order. But each main area has one or more offshoots: there’s a carnival-themed world to jump into, and various holes offering their own challenges. In other words, there are dozens upon dozens of hours of gameplay time in Grindstone.

Technically, there’s an unlimited amount, too, thanks to Grindstone‘s daily challenges. Alongside the 500+ unique levels to make your way through, there are three daily challenges to jump into which refresh every 24 hours. So you can never possibly run out of new levels to play.

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