How to Build a Car in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom Car

Want to know how to build a car in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? We’ve got you covered.

Sure, you can ride a horse without running out of energy, but in Tears of the Kingdom cars are very cool. In fact, you can build all sorts of things, including hot air balloons, boats and so on. You can build some genuinely disturbing things if you so choose, too.

But if you want to build a car you’ll need a fan or a set of Zonai Wheels. You’ll also  need a piece of wood and, if you want any control, a steering stick. The ideal place to build one is the Hudson Construction site. And if you’ve got some spare Zonai charges you can use the dispenser to get extra devices from the capsule dispenser.

So, get a large-ish piece of wood and fuse four wheels to it. Ideally, you want the green Zonai Wheels, though you can use regular wheels as well. Then, fuse a Zonai Steering Stick to the top. If you’ve got Zonai Wheels you’re ready to go.

If not, you’ll need to fuse a Zonai Fan or two to the back to provide propulsion. Once you’ve done that, you can jump on it, activate the wheel and off you go. Yes, you can attach Zonai Wheels and Zonai Fans, which will make for a faster vehicle.

But that also means the energy will run out faster, so unless you’ve got some spare Zonai Energy Cells to attach we recommend you stick with Zonai Fans or Zonai Wheels, not both. And that’s how you make a car in Tears of the Kingdom.

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