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How to Equip Perks in LEGO 2K Drive

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Learn how to equip perks in LEGO 2K Drive, boosting your stats and perhaps gaining some other benefits.

As you make your way through LEGO 2K Drive, chances are you’ll want to take every opportunity to get an advantage over your opponents. One of the ways to do this is to equip perks, tweaking your stats and also providing other benefits in certain circumstances. But just how do you get and equip perks in LEGO 2K Drive?

Getting perks in LEGO 2K Drive is easy – just complete races and other activities and you’ll unlock plenty of them. Some simply change a stat, such as improving your acceleration or top speed. Others improve one or more stats while reducing others, and may also introduce other game-altering effects to consider. To make use of the benefits they provide, however, you need to equip them.

To equip perks in LEGO 2K Drive, simply press the options/menu button to pause the game and bring up the menu. From there, select the Loadout option. On the Loadout screen, you can then press the button shown in the upper right hand corner to enter the Perks screen. On PlayStation this is the Triangle button, and on Xbox it’s Y. On the Perks screen, you’ll see that there are three perk slots – one for each class. Initially, then, you’ll only be able to equip a C class perk. Improve your class to equip more. Once perks have been equipped, they apply to all of your loadouts.

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