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How to Get a Crown in Grindstone

Do you need help in getting a crown in a level of Grindstone? Here’s what you need to know about getting this level goal.

Most standard levels of Grindstone have three goals to complete: unlock the door, get a treasure chest, and get a crown. Unlocking the door is the only requirement you need to complete the level, and that’s done by killing the required number of enemies. The chest and the crown, however, are optional objectives that you’ll want to get if you’re a completionist. But how do you get a crown in Grindstone?

At a certain point in the level – often it’s after you’ve already opened the door, but not always – a “royal slob” appears in your grid. This is a special enemy, and it’s wearing a crown. That’s the crown you need! And so, you’ll need to defeat the royal slob.

Unlike other special enemies, these royal slobs come in different colours. To kill them, you’ll need to complete a chain matching their number (typically 5) and colour. So a green slob needs to be chained next to green enemies, a red slob next to red enemies, and so on.

Because of this, they can sometimes be difficult to reach – particularly if you don’t have many enemies of the right colour nearby. Be patient, and make use of any grindstones or items on your screen that will allow you to change colour or extend your chain.

If things aren’t going your way, sometimes it’s beneficial to simply leave the level via the door, and come back in. Next time around, the royal slob might appear in a different place, with more matching colours around it, making it easier to get.

Once you’ve defeated the royal slob in a level of Grindstone, the crown automatically goes into your inventory.

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