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LEGO 2K Drive

How to Perform a Boost Start in LEGO 2K Drive

Learn how to perform a boost start in LEGO 2K Drive, making your chances of finishing first that bit higher.

As you’d expect of a game revolving around LEGO vehicles, there are plenty of races to be found in LEGO 2K Drive. Despite the game’s colourful presentation and feel-good nature, these races can be pretty tough at times, too. It’s good to make use of every advantage you can get, then, and that includes using a boost start to give you a burst of speed at the start of a race. So, how do you perform a boost start in LEGO 2K Drive?

It’s simple really when you know how. In any race or event where there’s a countdown, press and hold the accelerator on the count of two. Your vehicle will start to rev up, and when the announcer says ‘Go!’ it will crackle with energy and shoot forward. You’re not likely to get ahead of the pack, but it will at least allow you to keep up. A normal start will generally see you left behind.

Even with a boost start, though, winning races in LEGO 2K Drive can be tricky. All you can do is make use of boost, hit your opponents with weapons where possible, and be consistent. Keeping an eye out for shortcuts and then using them helps, too.

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