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How to Remove Weeds in LEGO 2K Drive

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Learn how to get a lawnmower and remove the weeds that sometimes slow you down during races in LEGO 2K Drive.

You’ll take part in many races as you make your way through the story of LEGO 2K Drive. And thanks to your opponents being rather fast, and also having weapons at their disposal, finishing in first place can be tricky. Even worse, there are often patches of weeds by the side of the track, and if you drive into them they slow you down to a crawl. Luckily for you, you can remove these patches of weeds in LEGO 2K Drive, and here’s how.

To get rid of and remove patches of weeds in LEGO 2K Drive, you first need a particular off-road vehicle: the lawnmower, or Weed Chopper 5000 to give it its exact name. You can get this by completing the quest called Weed Wrangling found in the Big Butte area. It’s near the centre of the map if you haven’t found it yet. The quest is easy to complete; placed in the lawnmower, you just need to cut down the weeds in the area within the time limit. When the job is done, the lawnmower is yours.

To use the lawnmower to remove weeds, you need to make sure it’s equipped to a loadout. Then, when you’re near a patch of weeds, switch to that loadout so that the lawnmower is used when you go off-road. Drive over all of the weeds in an area, cutting them down in the process, and they’ll eventually be replaced with crystals. This signifies that the weeds are gone for good. Just note that this can only be done when in the open world, and not during an event.

If you are stuck on a race where weeds are slowing you down, make a mental note of where they are. You can then find them in the open world and cut them down before trying the race again. Removing the weeds can make a substantial difference; sometimes it even opens up a valuable shortcut. The crystals left behind fill your boost meter when picked up, too.

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