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How to Stake Vampires in Redfall

Redfall Staked Vampire

Redfall’s vampires are in serious need of staking. But since you can’t pelt them with garlic or wave a cross at them, just how do you stake these bloodsuckers?

You’ve probably seen vampire movies (not you, Twilight) where they just shrug off normal attack. You might even have played games where, unless you’ve got a silver sword, you don’t do a scrap of damage. The good news is that, in Redfall, you can stake vampires without too much fuss.

To stake Redfall’s regular vampires you will need to wear them down and then rush in and press the right thumbstick. It doesn’t matter what weapon you use, you’ll do some damage. Then, when their energy bar is gone you’ll see their heart and ribcage glow.

This is your cue to step in and, with the right thumbstick, stake them. You’ll need to switch weapons manually, though. Redfall doesn’t automatically swap you to a weapon with a stake attached, so you’ll need to have one readied.

And, be warned, if there are other vampires around they’ll be trying to kill you too. So, if there are, close the gap between you and the glowing vampire and stake them. Then, quickly move on to their comrades. And that’s how you stake vampires in Redfall.

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