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How to Use the Jet Pack in LEGO 2K Drive

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Learn how to use the jet pack in LEGO 2K Drive, allowing you to soar through the sky for a period of time.

Playing through LEGO 2K Drive, you might have seen some icons that look like two rockets circling a coin with a wing on it up in the air or at the end of ramps. You might have even tried to collect one, finding that it does nothing in the process. That’s because to use them you need to unlock the jet pack. And so, how do you unlock and then use the jet pack in LEGO 2K Drive?

To unlock the jet pack in LEGO 2K Drive, you simply need to play through the game’s story. You’ll eventually be tasked with doing a quest involving capturing rockets by Dr. Fastro. Once it’s completed, you’ll be able to use the jet pack in the Big Butte area. Other missions are available in subsequent areas, opening up their equivalent of the jet pack. In Hauntsborough, for example, you use bats to fly instead.

To use a jet pack or equivalent flying device once you have the feature unlocked, simply drive through one of the jet pack icons found out in the world. Your vehicle will then change appearance and fly through the air for a short period of time. Sometimes you’re able to extend your flying time, too, by flying over currents of air.

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