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Narrative Puzzler Annie and the AI Arrives This Month

Annie and the AI

Annie and the AI, which isn’t a one-woman-versus-Skynet game, now has a May release date.

We first got wind of this narrative puzzler last year, and were intrigued by its premise. Annie and the AI has the titular Annie actually creating an AI. Going by the name of Esme, this digital being is, as you might expect, curious about its own existence.

That’s where you come in, but the game will also see you uncovering the secrets of Annie’s own life and her family situation which is a little complicated. She’s looking after her father, her sisters are just awful and she spends most of her time inside.

Hang on.. terrible sisters? Never leaving the house? Yes, there’s a hint of Cinderella here and we’re hoping Esme turns out to be Annie’s fairy godmother. But given that she’s discovering her own existence, we can picture things going a little off the rails.

Gameplay is heavily puzzle based though from what we’ve seen they’ll be puzzles with heart. It’s published and developed by NoSleepGames and was set for a February 2023 release though, as you will have guessed, it’s missed that window.

Featuring the voice of Katy Bentz (Steph in Life is Strange: True Colors), Annie and the AI launches on PC this May 23rd. You can wishlist it on Steam here and check out the above trailer.

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