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Overwatch 2’s Player vs Enemy Mode Has Been Cancelled

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 was set to receive a Player vs Enemy mode, letting its over-the-top cast take on a variety of computer controlled foes. But that’s now been canned.

According to developer Blizzard, one of the reasons for switching Overwatch 2 to an upgraded engine was so they could run larger maps which, in turn, would better enable Player vs Enemy content. However, they’ve now confirmed that this much-anticipated mode is in the bin.

It’s definitely a shame. We’re not not huge Overwatch 2 players but we love the game’s lore and throwing in actual PvE missions seems like a great way to build on that.  The PvE missions were set to be more story-heavy than regular team vs team play, but.. well, not any more.

Overwatch 2 executive producer Jared Neuss stated that while they had been working on missions and so forth, there was “no end in sight.” So, they’ve made the decision to pull the plug on that part of the game, a “difficult choice”. Instead, they’ll continue to focus on PvP multiplayer.

Blizzard has unveiled a roadmap for future seasons, which you can see above. It confirms that there will be story missions though that won’t be the same as the full on PvE mode. There’s also a new hero on the way, and plenty of other content.

Is that enough to assuage those anticipating the PvE mode? We’d expect the game to take a hit from this, player-wise, but Overwatch still has major staying power. It’s a regular Esports fixture, with its own league, so it’s unlikely to go the way of Bloodhunt. But it does seem as if the Overwatch 2 team bit off more than they could chew.

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