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Sea of Thieves’ The Hoarder’s Hunt Event Lets You Win Real Life Treasure

Sea of Thieves The Hoarder's Hunt

Sea of Thieves has a new in and out of game event, The Hoarder’s Hunt, that give you the chance to win an actual golden skull.

The good news is that, unlike Cadbury’s ill-fated 1980s golden egg hunt, Microsoft and Rare haven’t buried the skull somewhere in the world. Instead, the skull will be given to the first person who solves Sea of Thieves’ The Hoarder’s Hunt event.

The contest will have players searching the game and the internet for clues. It’s inspired by the history of an actual, historical pirate, Olivier Levasseur. After fourteen years of piracy, ge was caught and ultimately hung.

However, according to The Hoarder’s Hunt page, “..Levasseur removed a necklace from his neck, shouted, “My treasure for he who can understand!”, and threw it into the watching crowd.” The necklace was, supposedly a cryptogram, leading to Levasseur’s buried treasure.

That’s not something that Rare has made up, it’s a legend that was around before Sea of Thieves. And it’s inspired them to create this event, which runs until players have unlocked all the event’s treasures. So, with so many people playing the game, you’d better get started.

Aside from the skull, there are also silver keys and replica medallions to be won. Rare has stated they intend the hunt to be a collaborative effort. Well, at least till it’s not and players start heading off on their own. Backstabbery ahoy!

You can find full details of the event on the Xbox Blog, and sign up for the first clue here.  And if you’ve yet to dive into Sea of Thieves, it’s available on Xbox, Xbox Series X|S and PC. And it’s also part of Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service.

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