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Shadows of Doubt Patch Notes: Citizens Just Got a Little Tougher

There’s a new Shadows of Doubt update out and the patch notes reveal some significant fixes.

Perhaps the most crucial tweak is that microwave doors now make the proper sound, an oversight which was ruining our Shadows of Doubt experience. Okay, we’re being a little facetious there but we’re actually glad to see that fixed. As Alice Cooper put it, it’s just the little things and when details are missing it can take you out of a game.

On top of that, NPCs are now slightly less likely to run away. We love Shadows of Doubt (check out our impressions here) and it’s always a laugh when NPCs decide to take matters into their own hands. So, next time we barge down someone’s door, there should be even more chance of the locals taking us on.

Another small but important fix is that you no longer have to press escape twice to exit the main menu. It took us a bit of getting used to this bug, we kept thinking the game had frozen and were about to ALT-F4 out when the penny dropped.

So what else does this detective sim’s latest update fix? You can find the full Shadows of Doubt patch notes here, but most of the fixes are relatively minor.  The game is in Steam Early Access so some bugs are to be expected.

We keep coming back to it anyway, not least because you can go virtually anywhere. Forget Grand Theft Auto V’s blocked-off shops, if you see a building you can break into it.  If that kind of freedom appeals to you, you can pick the game up on Steam here, priced at $19.99/£15.99.

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