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Silent Hill Ascension’s New Trailer Introduces its Fleshy Menaces

Silent Hill Ascension

Silent Hill Ascension has a new trailer, offering a glimpse of its characters and suitably creepy monsters.

Announced in October of last year, Silent Hill Ascension isn’t a game as such. Instead, it’s a streaming experience that viewers will be able to influence. Isn’t that a great idea? No, it sounds terrible, given how often polls get seized upon by the internet.

Yes, we all chuckled when Pitbull got sent to Alaska but it seems as if letting the audience decide how the story progresses, in this day and age, is asking for trouble. Thankfully, developer Genvid has thought of this, as revealed in this Polygon interview. So we’ve got high hopes that this can actually do the Silent Hill franchise justice.

The trailer is, rightly, a little vague. Though the general theme is, as is often the case with Silent Hill, facing up to your guilt. It shows off a couple of monsters including a massive, fleshy behemoth who, chainsaw or not, we wouldn’t fancy taking on.

There’s also a brief glimpse of a more humanoid character who, if we had to take a guess, is the real villain of the piece. They seem more together than, say, Pyramid Head who we’re glad doesn’t turn up in this trailer. Between Silent Hill Homecoming and Dead by Daylight we’ve had enough of him for now.

Silent Hill has been dormant for some time so Konami’s recent push to revive the series has a lot of people, ourselves included, sitting up and paying attention. The one snag is that lot of what made Silent Hill stand out was down to the Japanese developers, Team Silent.

Once the games ended up in the hands of western studios, they definitely lost something. We’re hoping this new wave of Silent Hillery can fix that. As for Ascension, there’s no release date as yet but this looks like one to watch.

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