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Sker Ritual Episode 4

Sker Ritual Gets its Fourth and Final Episode Next Week

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Sker Ritual, Maid of Sker’s co-op spin off, is getting its fourth and final episode.

Wales Interactive still hasn’t announced an RTS spin-off which is disappointing given that “Sker Tactics” is right there. But the developer and publisher has confirmed that Sker Ritual Episode 4, Deadly Lover’s Fortress, arrives this May 31st.

We had a good experience with Sker Ritual (currently in Early Access) when we previewed it. Since then, it’s been receiving additional content, introducing new foes and new locations to master. This new chapter promises to push players to the limit, whether they’re playing solo or co-op.

Dubbed Deadly Lover’s Fortress, it features three missions which, in turn, lead to a three boss finale. These will have been bosses players have seen before but there are also new enemies, such as Balor, a hammer-wielding knight. 

There’s also the Wonder Sword which, despite sounding like something from a lightweight RPG, can do some serious damage when restored at The Forge. The game sees you take on wave after wave of Quiet Ones (the game’s standard enemies) so any help is definitely useful.

Does this qualify as the game’s final 1.0 release? Not exactly, though Wales Interactive will be shortly unveiling a new roadmap. It’ll also be revealing more about it’s plans for Sker Ritual’s console release.

In the meantime, you can snap up Sker Ritual for 35% off on Steam, as Steam’s Daily Deal, making it around £7.50/$10.

And yes, we have used that Sker Tactics joke before but, dammit, we’re going to keep going until Wales Interactive announces it.

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