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Tekken 8

Tekken 8’s Director Releases a Wild Combo Showcase Video

Does it make sense that you can juggle people in fighting games? No, but with combos like these we’re happy to overlook Tekken 8’s slightly suspect physics.

Aside from the official, super-flashy Bryan Fury trailer, Tekken 8’s game director has released a slightly more low-key video featuring a multitude of combo attacks. Kohei Ikeda’s states that “the quality is not very good”, but it’s still pretty amazing to watch in motion.

The two minute long video features various characters playing keepy-uppy with other character, smashing them into the air and so forth. There are some ground-based combos in there but a lot rely on the player continuing to juggle their foe.

What’s especially impressive is that, compared to Street Fighter and so-on, the Tekken series relies on players getting up close and personal. Forget juggling characters with a fireball, if you want to keep someone in the air you’ve got to put the boot in.

These aren’t regular combos, however, they’re Heat Dash Combos which means the players expend their Heat gauge pulling them off. They’re damaging, yes, but you shouldn’t have to worry about Tekken 8’s players pulling these off repeatedly.

You can watch the video in action above and, eventually, you’ll be able to pull off some of these on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. There’s no release date as yet, unfortunately. But if you have an Xbox you can snap up the definitive edition of Tekken 7 for a ridiculous £14.24/$17.99. 

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