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Tekken 8’s Latest Character Trailer Unleashes the Fury

Tekken 8 Bryan Fury

Tekken 8’s newest character trailer features the return of cyborg tough guy Bryan Fury.

We’re hoping that someone will put Brian Blessed in a fighting game but, until that happens, Tekken 8’s Bryan Fury will definitely do for now. This former police detective met a sticky end but was reanimated using cybernetic technology.

Sound familiar? It might, but there’s set to be even more face-punching than Mass Effect 2, and less Martin Sheen. Bryan Fury, or Brrrrryyyyyaan Furrrrrrrrrry as the trailer puts it, has appeared in every Tekken game since Tekken 3.

As with a lot of Tekken characters, he’s completely out of his tree. He has a demeanour that makes Goro Majima look well-adjusted. Aside from being generally badass, the trailer showcases his combo skills as he makes mincemeat of various foes.

We definitely cracked up when Bryan and Paul Phoenix’s punches cancelled each other out and they just stood there, looking bewildered. We’re also particularly eager to see Bryan’s Tekken 8 ending. Tekken 7 had him taking down a fighter jet with an iron girder so Bandai Namco will be pushed to outdo that.

Tekken 8 is set to arrive on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC but currently has no release date. We suspect it’ll arrive in 2024, to avoid clashing with Mortal Kombat 1 and Street Fighter 6.

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