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[UPDATED] The Duplicate Items Glitch in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Lets You Get Rich Real Fast

Want to make money fast? Tears of the Kingdom has a new, recently-revealed bug that will let you duplicate diamonds and other items.

Update 26/05/2023: This glitch only works with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom version 1.1.1 or lower. Patch 1.1.2 removes all of the currently discovered duplication glitches. The original article follows below.

There was already one bug but this new bug, still present with the current patch, lets you duplicate Tears of the Kingdom materials with real ease. Here’s how you go about pulling this bug off.

First we’d recommend you do this with diamonds as they sell for 500 Rupees each. You’ll also need to have reached the point in the game where you visit Purah. That’s a few hours into the game, after you’ve reached Hyrule.

The item you want to duplicate needs to be last in your inventory, so go to your materials page, and select ‘hold’, then drop all of the item. Now, pick them up again and they should be the last slot in your inventory.

Now, go to a small ledge, or the top of some stairs, somewhere you can pull out the paraglider. Jump and hit ‘X’ to open the glider. Then, quickly, hit ‘+’ to pause the game and go to the menu.

Select any item that you only have one of and hold it. Then, hold the item you want to duplicate and, if possible, fill all the slots with the same item.

Now, tap ‘+’ twice which will close and reopen the menu. The items will be dropped but the duplicated ones will also be in your inventory.

So, if you selected four diamonds, those four diamonds are still in your inventory – but now you can also pick four diamonds off the ground. You can keep going, duplicating up to four items at a time. You may be able to pull the glitch off several times before you land.

And that’s how to duplicate materials and items in Tears of the Kingdom. Now, you can use the duplication bug to make diamonds, sell them, and get rich. Filthy, filthy rich.

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