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LEGO Icons Pac-Man Arcade

This June, Get Your Hands on This LEGO Ideas Pac-Man Arcade Machine

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LEGO Pac-Man is here! Well, nearly. This LEGO Ideas Pac-Man set is set to arrive at the beginning of June.

The set has been rumoured for some time and now LEGO have confirmed that it’s actually a thing. And, we have to say, it looks pretty fantastic. Dubbed LEGO Pac-Man Arcade, it resembles nothing so much as one of Arcade1UP’s Partycade machines.

It’s not as functional as a Partycade, however. The official LEGO store listing emphasises that it’s not a functioning arcade game, though it also states you can “simulate the chase with the mechanical maze”. There’s a crank that can be turned, sending Pac-Man moving through through the maze: see it in action in the video below. There’s also a light-up brick for the coin slot but, based on what we know so far, it’s devoid of any other electronics.

Still, we didn’t honestly expect this thing would be a full-on arcade machine. Instead, at 32cm high, it’s a rather cool little retro memento to put on your shelf. Aside from the arcade machine itself, there’s a tiny micro Pac-Man machine, with mini-figure, and Pac-Man himself being chased by ghosts. Both can be displayed separately.

LEGO VIP members will be able to purchase it from the 1st of June while the rest can order it from June 4th. The one snag, however, is the price. Like the LEGO Ideas Lighthouse, which we’re still umming-and-aahing about, this a pretty expensive set considering its size. It’s certainly in a different league to the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog sets.

The LEGO Ideas Pac-Man set is priced at $269.99 / €269.99 / £229.99 and, for about the same price, you could get an actual, working, Arcade1UP Super Pac-Man machine. But will it sell? Absolutely – the retro appeal on this one is off the charts.

If you want to see just what’s on offer, check out the LEGO Ideas Pac-Man Arcade on LEGO’s site. And for more LEGO news and reviews, check out our sister site That Brick Site.

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