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This Quiz Challenges You to Name Every Street Fighter Character

Think you can name every Street Fighter character? There’s a new online quiz which will put that to the test.

The quiz features every Street Fighter game from the original through to the as yet unreleased Street Fighter 6. It also includes Street Fighter EX, a game that some Street Fighter fans may not know exists.

The good news is that you don’t have to remember which game corresponds to which of the brawler’s characters. Once you type in a character’s name the quiz puts them in the correct box for the game they first appeared in.

However, with 110 names to get, you’ll still find yourself scratching your head. Plus, you’ve only got ten minutes to complete the quiz. We’re not going to share our score but we resorted to typing in nonsense names like Fighty Dave and Loud Terrance.

The quiz is the work of Trevor “Slateman” Esposito, who also penned the unofficial Street Fighter Compendium, so he certainly knows his stuff. He’s also written a book, again unofficial, about the Tony Hawk franchise.

We’re tempted to learn Javascript just so we can knock up a Mortal Kombat one of these. Though, surprisingly, there have only been 77 Mortal Kombat characters to date. We could swear there have been a lot more.

You can find the Street Fighter quiz here, so if you think you know the series, why not take the challenge?

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