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Valorant 6.10 Patch Adds an All New Spray Wheel

Spray it, don’t say it with Valorant’s new spray wheel, introduced in today’s 6.10 patch.

Okay, actually communicating with other players might be useful, but as FPSes have long proved, half the fun is spraying ridiculous images onto walls. And that’s one of the things Valorant patch 6.10 is addressing.

The spray wheel is designed to make it easier to switch between sprays, so that you can vandalize one of this online FPS’s levels with a reduced risk of getting shot in the face. There’s also a grid feature that will let you manage your sprays. And yes, you do need a grid since there are over 150 potential sprays.

Aside from all these spray shenanigans, the update does include other tweaks and fixes. Here are some of the highlights from the patch notes:

  • Reyna has new voiceover lines with Gekko, Chamber, and KAY/O.
  • Fixed an issue where you can see ghost enemies.
  • Fade and Harbor’s in-game portraits have been improved.
  • Hitting the handle on KAY/O’s knife now destroys it.
  • Killjoy’s turret no longer sometimes aims at the ground.
  • Yoru’s fakeout echo now uses a more accurate weapon skin.
  • Brimstone’s Sky Smoke and Orbital Strike have had their targeting reticules resized.

You can find the full Valorant patch notes here. Sometimes, updates make major changes to agents or maps, rearranging parts of the level to make it fairer and so on. This time around the changes are relatively minor. So, next time around, developer Riot may choose to really shake things up.

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