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Where Does Redfall Take Place?

Are you wondering where Redfall takes place? We’ve got the answer.

Redfall sees you taking on an island full of vampires. Well, it wasn’t always full of vampires, it was a normal town once but with the undead out in full force it’s up to you to save the day. But just whereabouts does this FPS take place?

It takes place in the town of Redfall which is an island off the coast of Massachusetts, a state on the North Eastern coast of the United States. It shares borders five other states, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, and Connecticut.

Is it a real place? The answer is almost no, though there are several islands that could have inspired it. Martha’s Vineyard, for example, is an island just off Massachusetts, with a population of around 10,000. It also served as Amity Island in Jaws.

Also, if you cast your eye over a map of the coastal US you’ll see other small islands and, thanks to Google Maps, you can roam around some of them. You’ll definitely find yourself getting the same small island feel as you do playing this game. Well, minus the vampires anyway.

So, Redfall takes place in the fictional town of Redfall, just off the coast of Massachusetts, USA.

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