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Which Character Should You Play as in Redfall?

Redfall Remi

There are four characters to choose from in Redfall. So which character should you play as?

What we appreciate about Redfall is that there are only four characters to choose from. Back 4 Blood’s selection was too much, and four is just right. But who do you choose to play as?

All the characters in Redfall have their own strengths but we’re particularly fond of Remi’s robot. Why? Because Remi’s little mechanical guy can be used to bait enemies. Just set him up, stand back and watch his siren draw out the bad guys. Then, when they’re exposed, wade in and start killing.

So what about the other characters? What if you’re not a Remi main? Here are all the characters you can choose from, with their respective abilities.


Jacob has a raven companion, making him someone you should definitely invite around for Halloween. His abilities are:

  • Raven – mark nearby enemies
  • Cloak – hide from enemies, until you attack
  • Heartstopper – summon a ghostly rifle (yes, really) that does massive damage


Layla has a handy line in telekinetic abilities and the power to pull off a purple jumper. Her abilities are:

  • Lift – launch herself into the air
  • Umbrella – use a psychic umbrella to block projectiles and also release a psychic blast
  • Vampire ex-boyfriend – summon her bloodsucking ex to kick bottom


Devinder is a ghost hunter who’s in the right place at the worst possible time. But he’s got no way of streaming to his fans. His abilities are:

  • Arc javelin – throw a javelin to create a lightning hazard
  • Translocate – teleport to another pre-marked location
  • Blacklight – create a massive UV burst


A bad-ass disaster worker with a degree in robotic engineering. Her abilities are:

  • C4 charge – hurl a remotely detonated explosive device
  • Siren – command her robot to lure out and distract enemies
  • Mobilise – create a rallying point where she can heal herself allies

So those, then are your choices. None of these Redfall characters are overpowered with a clear advantage. We still think Remi is the most fun to play as with her enemy-distracting robot. Though if you’re a fan of stealth games you might enjoy playing as Jacob with his handy cloak of invisibility.

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