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Tears of the Kingdom Pants

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is More Fun When Link is in His Pants

Tears of the Kingdom is more fun when Link is running around in just his pants.

That’s underwear for our American audience because, as cross-Atlantic confusion goes, the whole pants/trousers thing is unlikely to be resolved. But what we can say for sure is that having Link run around with just his underpants on is the best way to play Tears of the Kingdom.

We’re not just talking about the extra challenge of fighting without armour, or the risk of freezing to death in Hyrule’s colder areas. Sure, that does shake things up a little but those aren’t the real reasons to keep Link unclothed.

Instead, what makes pants-wearing Link so much fun to play as is that some other NPCs will start to comment on his lack of adequate clothing. As spotted by pixel artist TAHK0, Purah will grumble about your current state. And Paya will get strangely flustered about Link, too.

Sure, Link does start the tutorial area in just his underpants. But the game gives you the opportunity to pick up or purchase clothing. We’re certainly eager to see just which NPCs comment on Link’s state of dress.

Our sincere hope is that Gandondorf is too confused/aroused by Link’s bare chest to offer any serious resistance. And if not? Hyrule’s souvenir-makers are going to have to start churning out Link-in-his-pants mementos.

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