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Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees

A New Friday the 13th Game Could Be in the Works

A new Friday the 13th game could be happening, if a recent report is accurate.

According to a report from horror site Rely on Horror, Henry Manfredini has said he’s working on the soundtrack for a new Friday the 13th game. Manfredini has composed the music for most of the Friday the 13th movies and also worked on Gun Media’s Friday the 13th: The Game.

According to the report, which is based on an interview with Manfredini, it’s not being handled by Gun Media. Instead, it’s an all new game though the report doesn’t say whether it’s a solo or multiplayer game.

Personally, we’d be happy with an interactive movie style game, something in the vein of Supermassive Games’ offerings. And yes, the image we’ve used is from Freddy vs Jason but we absolutely love the look that movie gave Jason.

If you missed out on the drama, Friday the 13th: The Game suffered from the legal issues surrounding the franchise. It’s been sort-of settled now but there was a long-running legal tussle over who owned the rights to Jason Voorhees.

That, in turn, meant the game lost out on some of the DLC it was set to get. Gun Media created a Jason X level, for example, but it was never released. Hopefully if there genuinely is a new game in the works it’ll remain unaffected. We’ve got our fingers crossed for a Summer Games Fest reveal. And if not? Well, there’s a Friday the 13th in October..

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