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Ace Attorney Miles Edgeworth

Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice Trilogy is Happening But Where’s the Duology We Really Need?

Are we looking forward to Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice Trilogy? Absolutely, but there two other Ace Attorney games that deserve to live again.

Announced at yesterday’s Capcom Games Showcase, Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice Trilogy features investigative adventures Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice, Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright – Dual Destinies, and Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright – Spirit of Justice.

We’re not super keen on Apollo Justice but we’ve played the other two at least twice and we’re definitely going to dive in again. Yes, they’re very, very silly games but they package their nonsense so well it’s hard not to love them. And nailing a murderer to the wall never gets old.

However, it’s disappointing that, despite the original trilogy and the Great Ace Attorney games having been released, there’s another pair of titles that have been overlooked. We’re talking about Ace Attorney Investigations, a pair of titles that cast you as prosecutor Miles Edgeworth.

Oh, sure, Miles is a grumpy gus in the first game and more than a little shady too. But he grows case by case and game by game. So getting to play as him Ace Attorney Investigations was a real treat for us. Plus, by removing the courtroom stages, this DS game and its sequel really mix things up.

Throw in appearances by the whip-wielding Franziska von Karma and you’ve got a real treat for fans of the ruff-wearing prosecutor. Even if you’re not immediately familiar with Miles Edgeworth, they’re great detective games in their own right. And believe us, once you get to know Miles you’ll appreciate how damn awesome he is.

So it’s about time they got a proper HD release on PC and console. These is an HD version of the first game on iOS but it has some weird always-on requirement. The second game only ever got a fan translation, which is a crime in itself. And while we’ve been referring to them to in the present tense, they’ve long since been out of production.

So we’ve got our fingers raised in the hope that, this time next year, Capcom’s announces the Ace Attorney Investigations Collection. We wouldn’t say no to a Dino Crisis remake either. Or Miles Edgeworth riding a dinosaur.

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