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The Five Best MMO Games on PS5 to Get Lost In

Are you looking for a vast, meaty game to lose hundreds of hours in? You might be looking for an MMO game – that’s “massively multiplayer online” game. Typically mammoth in size and scope, these games can be played alone or with others. You’ll explore a shared world, completing quests, engaging in combat, exploring or enjoying rich narrative. That certainly summarises the games we’ve rounded up here in our list of best MMO games on PS5.

These games aren’t just about flashy graphics or smooth gameplay, though you’ll get plenty of both. No, the games on our list offer something more: a chance to immerse yourself in vibrant worlds teeming with adventures and possibilities. These experiences can connect you with players from around the globe in quests, battles, and shared storylines. Whether you’re a seasoned MMO veteran or just dipping your toes into the world of online gaming, these are the PS5 titles that stand out from the crowd. So, grab your controller, and get ready to dive into the realms of fantastical beasts, far-flung galaxies, medieval kingdoms, and more.

1. Genshin Impact

First up on our list is Genshin Impact, arguably the best MMO game on PS5 out there right now. It’s not hard to see why: this free-to-play, action-adventure gem seamlessly marries gorgeous anime-style graphics with an open world you can lose hours in. Not only can you indulge in jaw-dropping, high-stakes battles, but the game also hits you right in the feels with its character-driven storylines. The cherry on top? It’s a genuine MMO experience. You can team up with friends or strangers from across the globe to tackle intense dungeons, defeat powerful bosses, or simply enjoy spending time in the expansive world of Teyvat. There’s always a new event, a surprise update, or a compelling storyline waiting just around the corner.

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2. Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV best MMO games on PS5

At its core, Final Fantasy XIV is an impressive, ever-evolving online adventure. It’s filled with sprawling landscapes to explore, diverse quests to undertake, and engaging combat to master. But what makes it one of the best MMO games on PS5, you ask? For starters, it’s the compelling narrative and a unique class system that allows you to switch between roles at will. The high-quality graphics, intricate gameplay and engaging boss fights will leave you glued to your controller for hours on end, too. Plus, the community in this game is one of the best around. Most players are always ready to lend a hand or join forces for an epic raid. Whether you’re a veteran of the franchise or new to the world of MMOs, Final Fantasy XIV offers a vibrant, immersive experience that’s hard to beat.

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3. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

Let’s turn our attention to Destiny 2, a MMO game that any fan of action, adventure and sci-fi would be wise to jump into. Destiny 2 shines with its epic sci-fi storytelling, thrilling cooperative strikes, and heart-pounding player-versus-player combat. It offers a unique blend of first-person shooting and MMO mechanics, and there’s a real sense of progression as you upgrade your gear, master new abilities, and navigate the game’s rich lore. One of the highlights? The game’s dynamic community. Join a clan or find a Fireteam and work together to conquer the game’s most formidable challenges. Whether you’re into engaging narratives, strategic team play, or just looking to shoot some aliens, Destiny 2 delivers in spades. Hop into your spaceship and join the action in this top-notch PS5 MMO.

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4. Warframe

We’d be remiss to ignore Warframe when we’re talking about the best MMO games on PS5. Free-to-play, Warframe is set in a wild, far-flung future where you’re a space ninja battling across the solar system. The game shines with its fast-paced, parkour-inspired gameplay and deep customisation. You can choose your Warframe, arm yourself with an arsenal of weapons, and master the unique abilities that come along with your choice. This MMO isn’t just about blasting through hordes of enemies, though. There’s an element of strategy involved, as you team up with others in the game’s strong, supportive community to co-ordinate attacks and conquer high-level missions. The game’s world is vast, and the developers keep it fresh with regular updates and events.

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5. Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

Elder Scrolls Online Best MMO games on PS5

The final must-play MMO game on PS5 just has to be Elder Scrolls Online, an epic fantasy adventure that brings the beloved Elder Scrolls world to a massively multiplayer format. Rich in lore, quests, and freedom, Elder Scrolls Online boasts a vast, immersive world where every choice matters. Its mix of solo and multiplayer content means there’s always an adventure to be had, whether you’re a lone wolf or a team player. The game’s dynamic combat system, engaging PvP battles, and ever-evolving storylines are sure to keep you hooked. What sets this MMO apart is its depth and breadth – there’s a huge amount of content to explore that can have you absorbed for hundreds of hours. Developer Bethesda continues to support the game with new expansions and content, too, so it’s forever growing.

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