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Can You Play as the Aliens in Aliens: Dark Descent?

Aliens Dark Descent Review 3 (1)

Aliens: Dark Descent sees you stranded on a xenomorph infested planet. But can you also play as the aliens and get a little face-hugging done?

Playing as the aliens might sound a little silly but there are three other Aliens games where you can control the Xenomorphs, from Aliens: Extinction through to the Aliens vs Predator series. So can you play as the aliens in Aliens: Dark Descent?

You can’t play as the Aliens in Aliens: Dark Descent, you’re only ever playing as the humans. That’s not to say we wouldn’t enjoy a sequel where you can play as the aliens but the game is built around you handling the xenomorphs.

So when you get the warning that there’s a tide of aliens incoming, it’s up to you to sort things out. You’ve got to brace yourself for an impending attack. Will you run, hide or fight? It’s up to you.

If you were playing as the aliens you’d be facing different dilemmas. Unlike the marines, your troops would be more disposable. Losing an anonymous drone would be less of a big deal, for a start. And, like we say, that’s maybe something for a future game.

But, as is, you can’t play as the aliens in Aliens: Dark Descent.

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