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Capcom Town

Capcom Town is a Celebration of All Things Capcom With Playable Retro Games and More

It’s been 40 years since Capcom, as it is today, was founded. And now you can celebrate with Capcom Town, a gorgeous new website.

Okay, we’re still a little irked that last night’s Capcom Games Showcase didn’t feature a new Dino Crisis or an HD remaster of the Ace Attorney Investigations games. But we’ve spent the last twenty minutes on Capcom Town, playing Street Fighter II for the SNES, so we can find it in our hearts to forgive them.

You can also play Megaman and Final Fight but that’s just the tip of the retroberg. Yes, the site also celebrates more modern titles, such as Devil May Cry and so on. But what’s really got us grinning is all the design documents you can pore over. Want to get a look at Resident Evil’s design sketches? Head on over to the Capcom Museum.

In fact, as GameHistory founder Cifaldi points out, there’s at least one document that hasn’t been seen anywhere else. The Street Fighter II planning document wasn’t included in the Street Fighter II Anniversary Compilation but it can be found on Capcom Town.

Actually, now we think about, it’s also little disappointing that Super Street Fighter II HD wasn’t featured on that collection. But if you’re a fan of Street Fighter 2 or any of Capcom’s catalogue you should find something of interest.

You can find the Capcom Town website here. It features some fantastic pixel art and some great audio. Make sure you leave the sound on, even if you’re at work. Hey, meetings can wait when you’ve got enemies to Hadouken.

And if you want to know what else Capcom has been up to, check out our coverage of yesterday’s Capcom Game Showcase. 



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