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Chicken Police: Into the Hive

Chicken Police is Getting a Sequel in 2024

Point and click adventure Chicken Police is getting a sequel, with Chicken Police: Into the Hive set to launch on PC in 2024.

Remember Chicken Police: Paint it Red? There’s not much else like it, truth be told. Its unique art style casts you as a duo of chicken cops in a noir world filled with anthropomorphic animals. True detective-noir style, it’s pretty dark – far darker than a game about chicken cops should be. But if you like mystery games, point and click puzzles and rich narratives, there’s a lot to love about Chicken Police.

And with a sequel now on the cards, we’ve every hope that Chicken Police: Into the Hive will be just as gripping. It puts players back in control of police duo Sonny and Marty, with a new case to crack – the biggest case of their careers, in fact. Players will find themselves back in the gritty underworld of Clawville, with new and familiar characters to meet.

Like the first game, Chicken Police: Into the Hive promises to have fully-voiced characters – over 30 of them, in fact. It’ll have more than 35 individual locations to explore, too, with plenty of side quests to delve into along with the main story.

Check out the Chicken Police: Into the Hive reveal trailer below:

So far, there’s no set release date for Chicken Police: Into the Hive. It’s expected to launch on PC sometime in 2024. There’s no word on console versions, but we’d expect them to come later – as was the case with the first game.

For more information, and to add the game to your wishlist, head over to its official Steam page.

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