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Croc: Legend of the Gobbos is Getting an HD Remaster

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos is getting an HD remaster, over twenty five years after it hit the PlayStation One.

This 3D platformer is fondly remembered by a lot of PlayStation owners and, even though it quite have the same staying power as Crash Bandicoot, every now and again someone asks for a Croc HD remaster. And its star made our list of the 10 most adorable protagonists in gaming. 

And now, as confirmed by Argonaut Software founder Jez San, an HD remaster is in the early stages of development. Yes, Croc was developed by that Argonaut, the same team responsible for Starfox. We also remember them for the excellent FX Fighter, which we spent hours and hours playing.

As spotted by retro-gaming site Time Extension, San was replying to a Tweet from James Batchelor, who’d written an article (also on Time Extension) about the joys of Croc. San casually stated “.. it’s a little premature to announce it. a ‘Croc HD’ has started early development.”

So, while this is Gobbotastic news, we wouldn’t count on seeing Croc HD until next year. Released in 1997, the game did later get a sequel, Croc 2, but it wasn’t quite as well received.

So, if Croc was a significant part of your childhood, this could be one to look forward. Now, who do we speak to about a Gex remake?

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