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Escape Academy’s Escape From the Past DLC is a Whodunnit

Escape Academy DLC Escape from the Past

Escape Academy’s second piece of DLC promises to put you at the centre of a Whodunnit.

Or, perhaps more accurately, it’s a Whowilldoit because while someone is out to kill Escape Academy’s headmaster, the DLC features time travel and/or flashbacks. You’ll step back in time to the academy of old, meeting your teachers when they were just students. We’re sure that won’t be awkward at all.

The DLC, dubbed Escape From the Past, has you tackling five new levels. It’s the second and final piece of Season Pass DLC, though you can also purchase it separately for $9.99. That said, we wouldn’t be surprised if there was more DLC in the works.

Escape Academy is also heading to Nintendo Switch as Escape Academy: The Complete Edition, featuring all the DLC to date. That won’t be landing till the autumn but if you want on-the-go mystery solving it could be right up your street.

We reviewed Escape Academy when it launched in July of last year and had a real blast with it. We called it “..one of the most enjoyable experiences of the year so far”. And we had just as much fun with the first chunk of DLC, Escape from Anti-Island.

So if you want more puzzle-solving shenanigans, solo or co-op, Escape from the Past DLC arrives this June 19th. It’ll be available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC and will require the full Escape Academy game.

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