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Everything Announced at Guerrilla Collective 2023

Guerrilla Collective 2023

The summer of games events has started, with Guerrilla Collective 2023 kicking things off before Summer Game Fest officially begins tomorrow. Guerrilla Collective focuses on smaller, indie titles, which means it’s a great place to find out about games that you might not otherwise know about.

If you didn’t see the Guerrilla Collective stream live, worry not. We’ve rounded up everything announced during the show below. You can also find the full show to watch over on YouTube, and on Steam there’s a dedicated page complete with some demos for you to jump into.

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Terra Memoria

Terra Memoria looks to be an adventure puzzle game which casts you as a cute little fox. Expect exploration and puzzles to solve, all set in a picturesque pixelated world. Coming soon to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC.

Sengoku Dynasty

A survival game set in feudal Japan. Explore the wilderneed, hunt animals for food, light fights, gather resources to eventually build a full settlement. You’ll need to lead your people, provide for them, and generally live out your life in feudal Japan. Solo and co-op gameplay is available, and if you’re a fan of survival sims, this is one worth checking out.


The cinematic trailer didn’t give too much away about Forgotlings, but it’s a game all about uniting forgotten objects. It sports a gorgeous 2D animated style, and we’re excited to find out more about it. It’s coming to PC and consoles in 2024.

Evolutis: Duality

Here’s another game sporting a unique hand-drawn 2D style. This narrative driven adventure all about fighting gives us big cyberpunk vibes. Again, the cinematic trailer doesn’t give too much away, but it’s enough to intrigue us.


“Is it possible to be homesick for a place you’ve never been?”, poses the trailer for Europa, an adventure that sees you play as ayoung boy exploring a huge, beautiful world. Looks like you’ll be exploring a huge range of environments, and solving puzzles as you get around them. There’s a bit of a Breath of the Wild vibe going on here.

Light Odyssey

The “You Died” screen naturally makes us think of Dark Souls, and we’re guessing that Light Odyssey, a dark and atmospheric adventure might take a leaf or two out of From Software’s book. The trailer was only short, but it shows a tiny character facing off against some huge beasts, and so we think it might offer up some juicy challenges. It’s coming later this year.


This first person shooter looks like it equips you with some fancy-ass weapons that can be modified as you progress. Make your way through ancient environments, working with others to clear threats  – and rinse and repeat. It looks suitably action-packed, although we don’t yet have a release date.

A Tiny Sticker Tale

Here’s something a little different – but super-cute. It’s an adventure game where you place stickers around the world in order o solve puzzles and progress through the story. ith a cast of adorable animal characters, it’s one we’re keen to get our hands on.

Dwarf Delve

This voxel game sends you down a mine to gather together new resources and loot. Everything find can be used to upgrade your living quarters, or sold for money. It’s not as easy as it sounds though: those mines are unstable, and so death can come easy, losing everything you find. It’s coming to PC soon.

Remnant 2


Time for an epic fantasy adventure now, set on a post-apocalyptic Earth filled with portals to other worlds. You’ll be fighting against fantastical beasts, using materials you find to modify your weapons. We liked the first Remnant game, so we have high hopes for its sequel. It’s coming to PC and consoles this summer.

Iron Meat

A retro-styled side-scrolling shooter, anyone? Iron Meat pits you against some challenging enemies as you make your way through a dangerous world. In true retro style, the bosses look to be the main event here – including a metal skeleton and a car-turned-monster. Cool. It’s coming to PC this October.

Hammerwatch 2

If you’re a fan of top-down action RPGs, Hammerwatch 2 might be worth keeping your eye on. Playing as one of several classes, you make your way through an open world, killing enemies, gathering loot, and picking up quests. It’s giving us retro-styled Diablo vibes, and we’re absolutely down for that.


We’re going true retro now, with Annalyn, a game that feels like a classic arcade game. Coming to Nintendo Switch, you can play it in standard mode or turn your console round for Tate mode.

Super Space Club 

A stylish space shooter, Super Space Club puts you in control of a tiny space ship as you shoot your way through incoming enemies, avoiding asteroids and more. It’s coming to PC on 4th August

Toxic Crusaders

From the mind of Lloyd Kaufman, creator of the Troma universe, comes Toxic Crusaders – a Streets of Rage-inspired side-scrolling beat ’em up. Play as Toxie or one of a number of badass fighters, either alone or with co-op buddies. The theme tune alone is enough to make us want to play it, to be honest.


The sequel to 20XX, 30XX brings us more Mega Man-inspired side-scrolling action. It’s colourful, vibrant and looks like a lot of fun, if retro platform-shooters are your thing.


Comedy looks to be the name of the game in this strange but intriguing-looking title. Use the power of words to take down your enemies by typing or combining letters together to make prompts and commands.

Anton Blast

If you like retro platformers and blowing stuff up, Anton Blast might be for you. It’s coming to PC and Switch soon.


Serum is an immersive survival game set in a toxic world. Death is always just behind you, and so you’ll need to keep a stash of serum on you to ensure you can survive. It’s an interesting concept, and of course you’ll have the usual survival tropes to deal with, too: finding resources, crafting weapons, and keeping yourself safe from other kinds of threats. It’s coming to Steam, but no release date as of yet.

Do You See Sparky?

We’ve got to admit, the trailer for Do You See Sparky? did a very poor job of showcasing what the game actually is. A ghost-hunting game of sorts? We’re not sure. Sorry.

World of Horror

The retro-styled black and white visuals of World of Horror are eye-catching to say the least, but it’s the premise that has us intrigued: looks like you’ll be solving various dark mysteries by talking to people and hunting down clues. It’s coming to PC and consoles in October.



A first-person survival horror set in an abandoned town in Missouri, we may have got goosebumps watching the trailer for Pneumata. It’s certainly atmospheric, and so you might have to put on your biggest, bravest pants to play this one.

Battle Shapers

An action-packed shooter, Battle Shapes is all about taking down overlords to save your city. It looks bright, bold and colourful, and we’re looking forward to taking it for a spin.


Here’s another shooter, but one that looks ot be fast-paced and just as much about dodging bullets as it is about firing them. It’s out on 23rd July.

Blood West

The cinematic trailer doesn’t give much away about its gameplay, but we’re digging its art style: think Darkest Dungeon, but set in the wild west. It’s a horror shooter, coming in December.


Fancy attending a school where the syllabus revolves around demons? That’s exactly what you’ll be doing in Demonschool. But forget learning: you’ll be spending much of your time engaging in turn-based battles against a range of enemies, all the while getting to learn about your chast of characters. It’s coming later this year to PC and consoles.

Quest Master

Fancy creating your own old-school Zelda-style dungeons? Fill them with puzzles and traps, and unlock more as you play. It looks great fun, if you like to get a little bit creative. It’s coming soon to PC.


Sacrifire looks to be an retro-styled action RPG that sees you taking down a range of bosses and making your way through a colourful 2D world. No release date just yet, though.

A Bonnie Odyssey

We can’t tell you much about A Bonnie Odyssey, but its tranquil trailer, set in a picturesque world, looks lovely at least. We’re guessing it’s some sort of first person puzzle game. We might be wrong.

Dark Deity 2

If turn-based battles are your thing, then this is probably worth putting on your radar. Looks like you’ll have a roster of character, all with their own unique abilities. It’s coming to PC.


You probably didn’t realise you wanted an RPG game about a wrestler until you saw the trailer for Wrestle Quest. Along with exploring the world, you’ll of course engage in wrestling matches. We really like the look of this one, and it’s coming this summer.

Grifford Academy

Grifford Academy is an RPG that casts you as a group of school-aged kids. Fight against monsters, learn more about yourself, and get fully immersed in this sci-fi throwback coming-of-age story.

Toads of the Bayou

A card-based, turn-based adventure,  instantly grabbed our attention. Not only will you build and expand your settlement, but you’ll also have to protect it from regular threats, usingy our hand of cards to dispel various swamp monsters from your vicinity. Oh, and you get to play as a toad. What more could you want?


Here’s another turn-based game, but this time you’re playing as giant mechs in a city that can be manipulated during battle. Play cards to deal out damage, and earn upgrades as you play. It’s coming to PC.

Crashlands 2

Fancy exploring a comical, weird world with strange alien creatures to destroy? That’s Crashlands 2. Although its trailer was brief, we like the look of this one. It’s coming  in 2024.

Deck of Souls

Another card-based games, Deck of Souls seems to throw you into one-on-one fantasy battles. Choose the right cards to overpower your opponent.

Yomi 2

Yomi 2 wants you to know it’s not a CCG. It is a card-based battler, however, but you’ll be able to play complete decks of cards immediately, using your tactics to battle against opponents. It’s out later this month.


“Cozy and idyllic gameplay”, you say? Count us in. This hexagon-based strategy game isn’t about combat: it’s about uncovering as much of a map as you can. It looks beautiful, and we’re intrigued to see more.

Nova Lands

A colourful 8-bit adventure, this one looks to be about building and nurturing a settlement in space. It’s coming to PC and consoles on 22nd June.

Jumplight Odyssey

Here’s another game set in space. It’s a management simulation game that sees you oversee the day-to-day running of a spaceship. Make sure your crewmates are happy and have everything they need. It’s coming soon to PC.

Don Duality

This is a restaurant manage with a different. You’ll need to use cards in order to grow your Italian food empire, along with dealing with gangsters.

Corponation: The Sorting Process

Corponation certainly caught our attention: this dystopian narrative game has you carry out the monotonous processes of a day job, but there’s far more to this game than meets the eye. As you progress, you’ll begin to learn more about the company you’re working for – as well as the world around you. And we’re fairly sure it’s going to be dark. It’s coming to PC later this year.

Kingdom Eighties: Summer of Greed

This 2D pixelated adventure gives off big Stranger Things vibes. Its trailer was pretty short, but shows off a group of kids riding their bikes, with some weird sci-fi shit happening around them. Big 80s vibe.

Sticky Business

What could be more wholesome than making stickers for a living? NOTHING. Exactly. THis game lets you live out those sticker-making dreams as you manage your own sticker business. It’s coming to PC later this year.

Super Adventure Hand

Hands (and feet) down, this is one of the most bizarre trailers we’ve ever seen.  Has you control a hand as you make your way through a series of levels filled with puzzles and things to be manipulated. It’s coming to PC.

A Corgi’s Cozy Hike

If you’re a fan of 90s 3D platformers – and corgis – you might want to keep your eye on this one. There’s a colourful island to explore, with secrets to find and other animals to meet. Looks like you’ll be rescuing other dogs on your adventure – by booping them on the snoot. Wholesome.

Lake: Season’s Greetings

We absolutely loved Lake, and so we’re stoked to know that we can revisit Providence Oaks soon. This time, it looks like you’ll be playing as Meredith’s father over a Christmas season. We’ll have to wait until the holidays for it, unfortunately.

Pizza Possum

This looks to be a mad-cap multiplayer game about stealing food from around a town. Oh, and you play as a possum. Cool?

Noun Town

Noun Town wants to educate you while playing a game. We’re down for that. You’ll gather items, play minigames and learn a new language while you’re at it. There’s a range of languages you can learn, including Spanish, Korean and Japanese. It’s coming to Steam this summer, with console versions later in the year.

Ollie Frog Toad Skater

Ever wanted to be a skateboarding frog? Probably not, if we’re being completely honest, but now we’ve seen it in action it looks like it could be fun.

Lil Guardsman

We’ve already tried Lil Guardsman, and described it as a cutesy, cartoon version of Papers, Please. You take on the role of Lil, a 12-year-old tasked with guarding a castle gate. It’s up to you who can and can’t come through. It’s coming to PC and consoles this summer. Give our preview a read here.

Bye Sweet Carole

We’re digging the Disney-style visuals of  ‘s trailer, even if it doesn’t give too much away about its gameplay. We’re imagining Beauty and the Beast, but it’s actually a horror.

A Void Hope

Another short trailer, but A Void Hope gives us retro 80s sci-fi vibes. A demo is coming to Steam on 19th June, so we can find out more then.

Death Trip: Double Blind

This is a detective game set in a travelling circus in the 1950s. There’s a murder to solve, and you’ll need to gather clues and talk to potential witnesses to find the culprit. It’s coming soon to PC.

Three Minutes to Eight

Another cyberpunk-styled pixel adventure looks super stylish based on its trailer – but it tells us very little about the gameplay. It’s coming soon to PC and consoles.


While we didn’t see much of the game, this little spotlight on the futuristic Nivalis focused on the behind-the-scenes motion capture involved in the game’s production. We’ve gotta say, its world looks beautiful, and so we’re keen to learn more.

Heart Abyss

A brutal hack and slash side-scrolling game, we’re absolutely here for Heart Abyss. Fight your way through rooms of enemies, sending blood splattering galore. Excellent.


Well, this looks absolutely wholesome. A super-colourful side-scrolling adventure, Promenade sees you take control of a young character as you engage in numerous minigames, explore a fun world and more. It’s coming to consoles later this year.


Nocturnal is a 2D action platformer with an emphasis on using light to solve puzzles. We had our hands on a preview build of the game last week, and really liked what we’ve seen of it so far.


Coreupt looks like a fighting game, but its trailer was so bad we can’t really tell you much more than that. Sorry.

Crypt Custodian

A black cat adventurer who can whack enemies with a stick? SIgn us up. This is all about solving puzzles, exploring a sprawling world, and cleaning up the afterlife of corrupt soals. It looks pretty neat, and it’s coming in 2024.


Another game with a cat protagonist? Yes, keep them coming! This one’s a little more violent and bloody, with this cat’s favourite weapon being rotating razor blades he can ride around on. It looks suitably over-the-top and a lot of fun. It’s coming soon to PC and consoles.

Grime: Tinge of Terror

Grime has new DLC, and it’s available from today! Have at it.

Dawn of the Monsters: Arcade Edition

Dawn of the Monsters is getting new content! There’s a new arcade mode coming, along with a new campaign DLC. If you’re yet to try this kaiju beat ’em up, you really ought to give it a go. 

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