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Everything Announced During Wholesome Games 2023

Wholesome Games 2023

Summer Game Fest 2023 marches on, and this afternoon we’ve got Wholesome Games 2023, a presentation all about cute, relaxing, wholesome games. Just the sort of thing we absolutely love. If you missed it, don’t worry: we’ve rounded up everything that was announced during Wholesome Games. A whole page filled with fuzzy, heartwarming games that we can’t wait to get our mitts on. Enjoy!

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Mineko’s Night Garden

First up is Mineko’s Night Garden, a game sporting a beautiful 2D art style about exploring, collecting, buying and selling. Looks like there’s mini games to play too. It’s out on 6th September 2023, coming to Switch and PC.


Here’s one for animal lovesr: it’s a world filled with talking cats. And tea. A whole lot of tea. Here, you’ll manage your own teahouse, serving customers and making the perfect cuppa. It’s coming to Steam Early Access at the end of June.

Spirit Swap: Lo-Fi Beats

As big fans of match-three puzzle games, Spirit Swap instantly caught our eye. Match-three puzzles! A narrative with cool characters to get to know! It’s coming to Steam, and there’s a demo available right now if you want to try it out.

Button City: Soccer Days

Button City is getting a sequel – all about playing soccer! The original Button City saw you play as a fox as they become acquainted to life in a new town. This time, the cute cast of characters are back – and they’re ready to kick balls about. No release date, but it’s coming to PC and consoles.


Like frogs? This is a game for you. It looks like a narrative adventure with plenty of explorations, characters to meet and more.

 I Am A Caterpillar

This is a game about a caterpillar that doesn’t want to become a butterfly. Explore a world of insects, discover yourself, and figure out who you are.

Bubblegum Galaxy

Perhaps the cutest space game to ever exist. It’s all about saving the galaxy. There’s a demo right now on Steam.

Sticky Business

We’ve already seen Sticky Business at Summer Game Fest, but we’ve got time for another look. It’s a cutesy management sim about running your own sticker business: design them, print them, and ship orders.

Moonstone Island

An open world with 100+ islands to explore, this is an RPG about becoming a fully-fledged alchemist. It looks adorable, and we’re keen to see more of this one. It’s out on PC next month.

Station to Station

Fancy building your own railway network, in a gorgeous voxel world? Station to Station looks beautiful, and it’s all about getting steam trains up and running. It’s coming to PC.

The Palace on the Hill

A story-driven slice-of-life adventure, The Palace on the Hill is set in rural India in the 90s. Explore the world around you, design your garden, cook food, meet new friends, and more.

Usagi Shima

Love bunnies? This is for you. Hunt down bunnies, Where’s Wally style, across a beautifully-drawn world.

Karma Zoo

This is a multiplayer 2D platformer about helping your friends in weird and wonderful ways. Alpacas spit on their friends to make them sticky, spiders spin webs to help their friends climb, and more. Looks fun! Coming to PC and consoles.

Flutter Away

Here’s another game filled with animals. The short trailer doesn’t give much away, but you can pet animals and take photos of butterflies.

Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge

A management sim of sorts, Kamaeru is all about building and designing your own wildlife refuge. Your goal is to restore biodiversity in the wetlands, by building a suitable habitat for all the animals that can live there.


This is a whimsical co-op adventure inspired by classic RPGs. Explore a cute and mysterious world, collect whimsical items and complete quests to learn more about the world around you.

A Little to the Left: Cupboards and Drawers

Want more sorting action? A Little to the Left’s DLC is all about tidying up cupboards and drawers. You know: the best levels in the game. We can’t wait to get back to organising stuff.

Henry Halfhead

Ever wondered what it would be like if you were just half a head? No, us neither. But in Henry Halfhead, that’s exactly what you are. It’s a puzzle adventure game about becoming one with other objects and making use of them, and it looks nuts.


Create and manage your own little community in this building sim. It’s coming to Steam.

Lakeburg Legacies

This is a cosy management sim with matchmaking. Manage relationships and make your kingdom thrive. It’s coming to PC on 20th July.


There’s no release date for Loftia yet, but it’s one we’re keen to see more about. It’s all about building and thriving in a sustainable world – and it looks beautiful.


Like volleyball? Adore cute animals? Then this is one for you. Make new friends, level up your ball game skills, and battle random monsters out in the world to a challenging match.

Smushi: Come Home

A cute little adventure game about exploring a forest as a little mushroom guy, this one looks adorable. It reminds us quite a bit of Mail Time – without the delivery elements. Best part? It’s on Steam right now.


Like cooking? Venba looks like a wholesome twist on the cooking sim, all about cooking homemade Asian food. 100% this is going to make us really hungry.

Little Nemo and the Guardians of Slumberland

Little Nemo is a side-scrolling adventure that casts you as a little kid in their pyjamas. Go out adventuring at night, from the comfort of your bed.

Garden Witch Life

Garden Witch Life looks super relaxing: explore a cute little village, tend to your garden, or simply have a sit down in the grass. There’s a beta available now.

Orange Season

An open-ended RPG, Orange Season is all about growing your farm in the charming Orange Town. It reminds us a lot of Stardew Valley, and that can only be a good thing.


Surmount is a game about climbing mountains. It’s not a sim, though; that wouldn’t be all that wholesome, would it? Expect to have a laugh while doing it instead.

Grimoire Groves

Forget farming by hand. Grimoire Groves is all about growing plants with magic. You can befriend magical creatures, take on quests, explore the world around you and more. We can’t wait to see more of this one.

Garden Buddies

Garden Buddies is a story-based life sim about building your own garden. This isn’t a regular garden, though: the creatures, plants and vegetables that inhabit it can be befriended. It’s coming out this summer to Switch and Steam.

A Tiny Sticker Tale

More stickers? Go on then! This time it’s all about using them to solve puzzles and progress through the game. Neat.

Everdeep Aurora

A retro-styled adventure game, Everdeep Aurora casts you as a cat looking for her mother. Meet the inhabitants of the world, engage in quests, and find out what happened to your mum. It’s coming to Steam and Switch in 2024.


Well, Kibu looks absolutely stunning. It’s from the creators of Omno and casts you as a fox in a mystical world. You’ll explore to gather materials, grow your settlement, and befriend giant spirits.

Magical Delicacy

This is a platforming adventure about delivering tasty treats across the town. Prepare your snacks in the kitchen, meet customer orders and deliver them when you’re done.

Little Friends: Puppy Island

Dogs! Take care of puppies, dress ’em up in cute outfits, take them out on adventures, and more. Anything with dogs is a win in our book to be honest. It’s out on Switch and Steam on 27th June.

The Guardian of the Nature

Here, you take on the role of Henry, a botanist and the last guardian of nature. Its art style is beautiful, reminding us of cartoons from the 90s. There are puzzles to solve, mysteries to be discovered, and more. It’s available on Steam.


Trade, explore, discover creatures and items, and fill in your journal as you go. Make new friends, too – like the Lamb from Cult of the Lamb!

Feel All Monsters

Out on 22nd June, Feed all Monsters is an adorable puzzle game about, well, feeding monsters. Move around a board, scoring points as you feed monsters. It’ll be available on Steam.

Manitas Kitchen

Here’s a game about a T-Rex who dreams of being the best pizza maker ever. No, honestly. That’s what this is about. And it looks fantastic.


Unpacking is coming to mobile! We absolutely adore this game all about unpacking boxes and organising them in a new home. It’ll be available on mobile devices later this year.

Botany Manor

Here’s one about gathering seeds and growing plants. There’s clues to be found about each plant you can grow, and so before you can grow them, you’ll need to learn all about them first. It’s coming to Steam.


Solarpunk is a crafting game set in a futuristic world made up of floating islands.

While the Iron’s Hot

Blacksmiths as usually just NPCs stuck in town, but here, the Blacksmith is the star of the game. Gather materials, craft new items and engage in intriguing mysteries.

Wylde Flowers

We’ve already had our hands on Wylde Flowers, which released earlier this year. It’s a fantastic adventure game with plenty of farming and crafting to be done – with lots of magic thrown in. It’s available on PC, Switch and Apple Arcade.

A Highland Song

A game set in the Scottish Highlands? Count us in. Explore peaks and caves, uncover mysteries of the hills, and learn more about your protagonist. It’s coming to Steam later this year.

Sushi Ben

Out later this year, Sushi Ben is about growing a sushi business by bringing in new customers. You’ll need to meet new people and get to know them – before you can serve sushi to them.

Snuffkin: Melody of Moomin Valley

Fan of Moomins? Of course you are. We’ve known about Moomin Valley for some time – a gorgeous-looking adventure about restoring the natural harmony of the Valley.

The Star Named EOS

Coming in 2024, this is a moving puzzle game about using photography to explore and solve puzzles within the environment. It looks great, and we can’t wait to find out more.

The Fall of Porcupine 

Fall of Porcupine is a unique story adventure. The collision of work and daily life – an exciting reflection of an unhealthy healthcare-system. Experience the exciting story of Finley and his friends in a lovingly illustrated world – and uncover the darkest secrets of Porcupine and its residents. It’s out 15th June on consoles and PC.

Story of Seasons: Wonderful Life

A new Story of Seasons game is just a couple of weeks away. It’s a relaxing farming game about building up your farm from scratch. New changes – like easier movement, upgraded tools and hybrid crops – make this one hopefully better than ever. It’s coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Switch on 27th June.

The Book Shop

Fancy running your own bookshop? Yes please: the dream job! This is all about running a mobile book store in a quaint seaside town, and we can’t wait to find out more.

Wood & Weather

Remember those wooden blocks you’d play with as a kid? Wood & Weather is a game set in a world made of those. Keep your residents happy, decorate, and build new stuff. It looks cute.

Campfire Cat Cafe

Another game all about cats! It’s an idle game about running a restaurant in the middle of the forest. We hope they’re following proper safety protocols with all those open flames near the woodland…


Fancy exploring a world of deserts, mountains and talking beasts? This is one for you. It looks gorgeous, and there’s a touching story to uncover, too. It’s out in 2024.

Tracks of Thought

Here, you play a ladybug on a train where nobody knows where they’re going. Talk to the passengers, play games with them, and figure out what’s going on.

Go Go Town

Another game all about building your own idyllic corner of the world. Bring a bustling town to life with buildings, eateries, parks, stations and more. A playtest is coming on 3rd July.

Fields of Mistria

A pixel-art style game, Fields of Mistria is coming from Toby Fox. It’s essentially Stardew Valley but with magic. Explore the town, make new friends, uncover mysterious ruins and hidden treasures, and find someone to marry. All the while, growing your farm. It’s out in 2024.

Wholesome Games 2023 finished off with a montage that we couldn’t possibly keep up with quick enough to write about each game. You’ll find a list of them below, along with an embed to the full Wholesome showcase. Give it a watch: these games deserve your attention.

  • Cato
  • Let’s! Revolution!
  • Diluvian Winds
  • Ducky’s Delivery Service
  • Tall Trails
  • Petit Island
  • Quilts & Cats of Calico
  • Pizza Possum
  • The Last Alchemist
  • Mars First Logistics
  • Fishbowl
  • Mirth Island
  • Garden Life
  • Sanya
  • March of Shrooms
  • Toasterball
  • Townframe
  • Window Garden
  • Word Factori
  • Life After Magic

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