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Forget Paris Fashion Week, this Doom Cacodemon Hat is the Height of Style

Cacodemon Doom Bucket Hat

Bethesda doesn’t skimp on the merchandising but they’ve outdone themselves with this new Doom Cacodemon hat.

We can’t decide whether they set out to produce a ridiculous, ridiculous piece of merchandise or if they knew someone with a pending surplus of bucket hats. But as daft as this Doom Cacodemon hat is, we absolutely want it.

Even better, it’s the old-school Cacodemons, not the new Doom/Doom Eternal beasts that cover this headwear. Sure, we love the new Doom but the original Cacodemons are just awesome. They’re adorable on the weirdest way and we can still hear that wibblewub noise they make when they die.

So, thanks to this hat, you can protect your head from the sun and express your appreciate for those little tomato menaces. It’s available from the Bethesda Store both in the US and from the international store. Though $22.00 has, somehow, translated to €26.99.

It’s also got us thinking about what other ridiculous Doom-related items we’d want. So far we’ve come up with:

  • Arch-Vile Flip Flops
  • Cyberdemon goat horn Mug
  • Doomguy Pez dispenser
  • Cacodemon beanbag chair
  • Baron of Hell bookends

We’re surprised that the Cacodemon beanbag chair doesn’t already exist but if Bethesda want to get making that, we’ll happily throw our money at them. Hey, if Star Wars fans can get a Tauntaun sleeping bag, why not?

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