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Frostpunk 2 Teases a Future Where Cold Isn’t the Only Enemy


Frostpunk 2 has a new trailer confirming that you’ll have to worry about more than just people freezing to death.

As the name suggests, Frostpunk 2 is the sequel to the original Frostpunk, a really rather excellent game that saw you building a city that could survive an ice age. Okay, maybe it’s not technically an ice age but if you’ve ever watched Snowpiercer you know the kind of world we’re talking about.

Now, alongside a new trailer, shown at the PC Gaming Show, 11 bit studios has detailed the game’s setting. Yes, it’s still blooming cold but this sequel, set thirty years after the original, is a little different.

The the city being well established and stopping your people from freezing to death is still a priority. But you’ll also have to deal with other people having their eyes on your throne. There was a touch of this in the original.  But now, it appears, people will be expressing a greater level of discontent.

It’s also become a little less frosty than before, so the city can expand without you having to run your city on childrens’ tears. Though we hope you can still if you want to. Part of the fun of Frostpunk was having two games on the go, one where you’re trying to do the best and one where you were just being an ass.

We’re looking forward to Frostpunk 2, that’s for sure, and we’re glad to hear that it’ll be arriving next year. What is a little disappointing is that there still aren’t any in-game screenshots. Nearly two years after it was announced, we have so far is a couple of cool but pre-rendered trailers.

We have our fingers crossed that’ll change soon, that 11 bit studios has a big reveal planned. In the meantime, you can watch the above trailer or wishlist it on Steam. And check out the rest of our Summer Game Fest 2023 coverage by clicking here.

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