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How to Cancel Orders in Aliens: Dark Descent

Aliens: Dark Descent Cancel Orders

It’s great that you can issue orders in Aliens: Dark Descent, screaming at the screen to get into character. But how do you cancel those marine orders?

Ordering your marines about is an important part of Aliens: Dark Descent. When the Aliens are incoming, you can command them, for example to lay down suppressing fire. That way you’ll have a better chance of withstanding the incoming Xenomorphs. Well, until they come from another direction, that is. But how do you cancel orders in Aliens: Dark Descent?

To cancel a marine order in Aliens: Dark Descent you have to click on the marine in question and select the ‘stop’ icon. They’ll then halt whatever task they were doing or whatever stance they’d adopted.

Hang on… that’s now how you issued the order, right? No – you issue orders to non-specific marines. Say that you want suppressing fire – one of your marines will take the initiative. However, even when the Aliens are dead they’ll keep executing that order.

So, yes, to cancel orders in Aliens: Dark Descent you have to select the marine in question and order them to stop. You’ll have to repeat that for all the marines who are doing something. But given how small your squad generally is, it’s not a big inconvenience.

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