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Disney Dreamlight Valley Dark Castle

How to Complete The Dark Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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The Dark Castle Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley becomes available once you’ve completed The Forgotten Relics: it follows directly on, and so you’ll move from one quest to another without interruption. To begin the quest, talk to Merlin, follow him to the Plaza, then step through the dark, ominous portal.

Walk into the castle, then investigate (or, rather, talk to) the door in front of you. You need to get through it, but the door doesn’t recognise you: you need to find something that will make you look more like the Forgotten version of yourself.

The Dark Castle: How to get through the first door

Getting through the door in The Dark Castle quest of Disney Dreamlight Valley is rather simple. In the castle lobby, you’ll find two wardrobes, one on either side. You’ll need to cut your way through some night thorns to get to them. In one wardrobe, you’ll find cardboard wings. In another, you’ll find a cardboard crown. Wear them both by opening up your inventory and selecting ‘wardrobe’. Once you’ve got them on, go talk to the door again.

Once through the door, you’ll find yourself up one level in the castle. Up here, you’ll find a table laid out with ingredients, a cooking stove, and another door – Doorine – hidden behind a pile of rubble. It seems that to get past Doorine, you’ve got to give it something.

What to give Doorine

If you interact with Doorine – the second door to pass through in The Dark Castle of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll see it’s actually called “Hungry Doorine”. And so, you need to give it some food before you can pass through it.

Head to the area with the table and stove. Next to the stove you’ll find a note that reads:

“Doorine is a picky eater!
She likes it simple. Only a few ingredients necessary.
She hates having bad breath.
She likes something with extra crunch.
She likes things well-seasoned.
She refuses to eat anything not grown right here in the Castle.”

On the table you’ll find four ingredients: Dark Castle Lettuce, Dark Castle Garlic, Thorn Sprout and Dreamlight Salt. Don’t be fooled into thinking you need all the ingredients, however. Since the note says Doorine hats bad breath, we can rule out the garlic.

We made a Night Thorn Sprout Salad by combining 1x Dark Castle Lettuce, 1x Thorn Sprout and 1x Dreamlight Salt. Take it to Doorine and voila: you can now pass through the door.

The Dark Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Find the Missing Door

You’re now on the third level of The Dark Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This time, the door you need to pass through is missing. Make your way up the stairs by getting rid of the night thorns. You’ll find a doorway with luminous scribbles around it, and a note at the side of it. The note reads:

“Note to self: To see the door, try changing your perspective. Only with the blink of a mechanical eye can you unlock the way forward.”

“Mechanical eye” is the clue here: what do you have that’s like a mechanical eye? Aha – your camera! Take out your camera using your inventory wheel (RT/R2) and take a photo of the door. Once you’ve taken a photo, the door will appear and you can pass through it.

The Dark Castle: Find the Key for the Fourth Door

The fourth door in the Dark Castle quest of Disney Dreamlight Valley requires a key. You’re now at the top of the staircase in the castle. You’ll need to remove some thorns and some icicles to move around. You’ll find four torches scattered on the floor: two are underneath the large pieces of ice, so make sure you use your pickaxe on those.

Each torch represents a time of day: there’s Dawn Torch, Noon Torch, Dusk Torch and Night Torch. In the centre of the area you’re in is a big hole with four pillars for torches to stand. Look around the hole and you’ll see four pictures, each representing a time of day. You need to put the torches in the right place:

  • Dawn Torch: The moon sinking into clouds
  • Noon Torch: The sun fully on show
  • Dusk Torch: The sun setting behind hills
  • Night Torch: The moon fully on show.

Once you’ve done this, the hole will fill with water, and there’s a fishing spot. Pull out your fishing rod (with R2/RT) and fish in the spot by casting your rod with square/X. You’ll pull up a Dark Castle Key. Use it on the door, and then walk through it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Remembered

Behind the door you’ll confront The Forgotten, and engage in a dark vs light battle. Ooh, dramatic. When you regain control, you’ll find yourself in a dark, mysterious area. Walk towards the light, where you’ll see a tree and The Forgotten. Talk to the Forgotten.

Interact with the sandbox, then talk to The Forgotten again. Move on to the next light: this time a bed. Talk to the Forgotten, then interact with the bed. (We had a little trouble interacting with the bed here: we had to walk around it pressing X/A in various spots before it triggered.)

Talk to The Forgotten again, and move onto the next light. This time, a desk. Talk to them again, then interact with the desk. Then, onto the next light: this time a bookshelf. Talk to the Forgotten, then interact with the shelf before talking to them again.

That’s it. Complete The Remembered, and you’ll get the Disney Dreamlight Credits. Woah. But, as the after-credit scene shows, it’s to be continued…

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