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Park Beyond

How to Pause and Unpause in Park Beyond

Read on to find out how to pause and unpause the action in your park while playing Park Beyond.

Once your park gates are open in Park Beyond, it’s hard to get a minute’s peace. The guests keep on coming, and if you’re busy building an epic rollercoaster or designing and new part of your park, it can be difficulty to ensure everything is running swimmingly. And so, pausing time in Park Beyond is often a great options. The question is: how do you do it?

If you’re playing on PS5, you first need to hold down the square button to access time controls. With square held down, you need to press ‘down’ on your d-pad, which will pause time in Park Beyond. To unpause, you need to repeat the same process: hold down square and press ‘down’ again. On an Xbox controller, it’s the ‘X’ button, then down on the d-pad.

Pausing time is much easier if you’re playing Park Beyond on PC. Simply press the space bar to pause, then again to unpause. Simple!

When your game is paused, it means time is frozen. Visitors will stop what they’re doing, but you’re still free to build new attractions. It’s a great way to ensure your park is up to speed, and recover from bad ratings.

To pause proceedings altogether if you need to step away from your machine for a few minutes, simply hit the ‘options’ button on your controller (‘escape’ on keyboard) to bring up the pause menu.

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