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Aliens Dark Descent Sentry Gun

How to Rotate Sentry Guns in Aliens: Dark Descent

Aliens: Dark Descent wouldn’t be an Aliens game without sentry guns, but how do you rotate them?

It’s easy enough in the movie, with Hicks and co just putting them down but in Aliens: Dark Descent it’s slightly fiddlier. Here’s how to get those sentry guns pointing in the right direction. Because if they’re not what’s the point of them?

To rotate your sentry guns in Aliens: Dark Descent, hold down the place button instead of just pressing it once. When it comes to putting the guns down, if you tap the place button (A on Xbox), you’ll be lucky if it’s facing the right way.

Your marines know to turn in the direction of the Aliens but a sentry gun doesn’t. Even if it did, there’s always the risk it would mow down a marine. So, what you need to do is hold down the button.

This will give you a wedge-shaped firing zone which you can rotate. Rotate it with the mouse/keyboard or joypad till it’s covering the right area. Now let go and, when you exit the skills menu, it’ll be placed.

And that’s how you rotate sentry guns in Aliens: Dark Descent. Let’s hope they get the aliens before they get you.

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