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How to Speed Up Time in Park Beyond

Park Beyond

We can’t help you manipulate time in real life, but we can tell you how to speed up time while you’re playing Park Beyond.

The standard speed of time in Park Beyond is fine. It lets you see people milling around your park at a steady walking pace and the day/night cycle takes enough time that you have plenty of in-game daylight hours to enjoy. But sometimes, it can be a little too slow. Maybe you’re working towards a goal of earning a set amount of money, or you need to have so many visitors pass through your gates. For those moments, you’ll want to speed up time in Park Beyond.

If you’re playing Park Beyond on PS5, to speed up time hold down square, then press right on the d-pad. Press right once to access the medium speed, then press it again to access the fastest setting. Hold down square then push left to toggle back to the slower settings. If you’re playing on an Xbox controller, you’ll need to hold down ‘X’ instead of square.

If you’re playing with a keyboard and mouse on PC, simply toggle in-game speed with the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons on your number pad.

We wouldn’t recommend playing Park Beyond at full speed permanently: it can be hard to keep track of what’s happening when everything goes by so fast. A slower speed is much better when you’re trying to troubleshoot a problem and ensure your visitors are happy, for example. But if everything’s in tip-top shape and you simply need to rush towards a goal, it’s a very handy tool to have indeed.

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